Are Iowa fan’s priorities realistic?

Have you ever wondered what a fanbase would say their highest priorities were if you surveyed them? 

Surely it varies from team to team and even by region possibly. Recently, thanks to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, a fan survey that Iowa issued to their fans has come to light. It was called the "Black and Gold Feedback" survey and was only issued to season ticket holders. 

At the start of the survey fans were asked to rate on a scale of 1-10 how important winning, graduating players and "doing it right" are. The results were quite interesting. 

Each of those categories were rated a 10. In a perfect world, of course all programs would win, graduate players, and not cheat. But there is a lot of surprise out there that fans would put winning on the same level as graduating players considering when a program is winning at a high level, things often get overlooked.

Iowa fans, do you agree with the survey results? For the fans of other teams out there, would you score things the same way?

(h/t Cedar Rapids Gazette)

Photo Credit: Jesse Johnson/USA TODAY Sports