Alabama Football: Twitter Responds to Butch Jones’ “5 Star Heart” Comment

Alabama Football rival and Life Champion Butch Jones said the only 5 star recruits he was interested in recruiting were those with “5 star hearts.”

While Nick Saban broke more records than a frustrated hipster this recruiting season, Butch Jones and the Tennessee Volunteers didn’t achieve the same level of success as Alabama Football.

Butch Jones sat down with the media today to discuss recruiting. Tennessee signed twenty-three 3 star players and hired the sister of the only 5 star recruit in their 2017 class. But apparently that wasn’t embarrassing enough for Butch Jones.

That’s why, with actual living people in the room and working recording devices pointed directly at his face Butch Jones said, “The only 5 stars recruits we are concerned about at Tennessee are recruits with 5 star hearts.” The good people of the internet wasted no time in roasting Butch Jones on the dumpster fire that is the Tennessee football program.

“Awwwwww shi- SON crank that volume up to 9-4!”

It looks like Butch Jones accidentally recruited a 3 ring circus along with those 3 star players the way everyone is clowning on him. 

…and 3 star recruits. 

If you look closely at his glasses you can see a reflection of the noose hanging from the ceiling rafters that Christopher is contemplating.   

I don’t have to imagine. I’m saying it. 

Let’s check in with our old pal Drunk Vol Fan. 

He’s going to jail. 

I know who did that. 

Much like Butch Jones haircut, this tweet is short and to the point. 

This must be a romantic comedy because I am in love with it. 

Follow this man right now. 

That is no way for a Life Champion to act Braus. 

Alex just changed the tone of this entire conversation. 

@UTCoachJones please don’t listen to Mitchell. Alabama Football loves it. 

Watch out Ethel!  

This tweet requires no caption to be funny. 

The girl from “The Exorcist” thinks Butch Jones is spewing too much crazy stuff out of his mouth. What do you think?

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