Alabama Football Debate: Is it Okay To Love Tim Tebow?

As an Alabama football fan is it okay to love former Florida Gators quarterback and perennial good guy Tim Tebow?

It’s hard to hate Tim Tebow. I’ve tried. I want to hate him. I feel like as an Alabama Football fan I should be able to hate him. He chose Florida over the Alabama. He beat us in the SEC Championship game in 2008. I hate that – but I can’t hate him.

He’s just too good – and I’m not talking about his play on the field.

Tim Tebow is an outspoken Christian and, like the white bible verses inscribed in the black under his eyes, a bright spot in a sport full of story lines that can be dark at times.  While players like Johnny Manziel were posing for spring break pictures that you can’t show your kids Tim Tebow was in the Philippines helping kids. While other professional athletes were in the news for fist fights and DUIs Tebow was making headlines in hospitals visiting sick children.

Lots of athletes visit kids in the hospital though right? Right. Well, Tebow built one. That’s right. He built a hospital. How can you hate someone who builds a hospital that performs life saving surgeries for critically ill children? Tell me. I want to hate him. I can’t do it.

The foundation also sets up play rooms for children in hospitals all over the country and sponsors “A Night to Shine” – a big prom night party specifically for special needs children. I DEFY you to watch Tim Tebow dance with these kids and still hate him.

That’s not enough? Are you still holding a grudge? Try holding that grudge while you watch Tebow hold an orphan.

That’s right. The Tim Tebow foundation also cares for and assists in the adoption of orphans. 

How about tebowing? Remember that? He gave us that too. Is that not enough to forgive him for beating Alabama Football? That was fun.

How about this inspiring off the cuff response to people criticizing those who are following their dreams? Skip to 5:30.

Video courtesy of ESPN First Take

He’s written books about his faith, done mission work, built a hospital, helped orphans find homes, made prom night special for special needs children, drawn thousands to Easter service, played football with a 4-year-old Leukemia patient and even responded to a twitter campaign to call a grieving high school football player.

…and that’s not even close to everything he’s done since he beat Bama in 2008.

I forgive him. I love him. I can’t help it. He’s just too good.

Is it okay for a Bama fan to love Tim Tebow? Fight me in the comments or on Facebook. 

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