Chris Petersen has a suggestion for Nick Saban that Alabama’s rivals will love

The Peach Bowl media obligations are wrapping up for the Washington and Alabama, and Huskies head coach Chris Petersen ended the week of hype with quite a zinger.

Petersen, who has probably heard more about the Crimson Tide’s dominance than he can stomach in recent days, is ready to send Nick Saban down a new career path. Specifically, NCAA football commissioner.

It’s a move every other SEC program – and most other national powerhouses – likely would applaud. After all, who wouldn’t want a coach who is pursuing his sixth national title and is 118-18 in the past 10 years at Alabama off the sidelines?

But don’t expect Saban to pursue such a position if it ever became available. In fact, don’t expect Saban to even grin if asked about the possibility.