Michigan State WR sees a weakness in Alabama’s defense

Michigan State's top receiver believes he can get past Alabama's defense.
Mike Carter/Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

While Alabama may be a heavy favorite over Michigan State heading into the New Year’s Eve national semifinal — the Crimson Tide are currently a 10-point favorite over the Spartans — don’t try and sell that to MSU receiver Aaron Burbridge. The senior receiver believes he’s found a weakness the Spartans can exploit in the Cotton Bowl. 

According to SEC Country, the Ole Miss and Ohio State film exposed Alabama’s defense to some extent in Burbridge’s mind. 

“I watch that game a lot,” Burbridge said. “The things that the Ole Miss guys did, you know, they were getting physical. Alabama’s a very physical team. But when you get hit first in the mouth, it’s like, ‘Whoa! I wasn’t expecting that.’ That’s what we’ve gotta do.”

“I was watching how the receivers were attacking the secondary.They were just running right by them. Taking deep shots. I could probably use the same move every time against a freshman. That’s my mindset; You’re a freshman. You’re not going to stop me.”

Burbridge did not specify which cornerback he was singling out on tape but the Tide do play two freshmen corners in Minkah Fitzpatrick and Marlon Humphrey. Alabama has the No. 16 ranked passing defense in the country and the No. 1 ranked rushing defense. 

After catching only three touchdowns in his career and never having more than 364 receiving yards in a single season, Burbridge caught 79 passes for 1,209 yards and seven touchdowns in 2015.