Bielema, Arkansas returning to the scene of the crime this weekend

Tuscaloosa was not kind to Bielema on his last trip. Can Arkansas compete with Alabama this time around?
Shanna Lockwood/Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The last trip Arkansas made to Tuscaloosa was ugly for the Razorbacks. The 52-0 loss tied the most lopsided result in the history of the rivalry and was the worse loss for Bret Bielema in his coaching career. 

Bielema has described the 2013 trip as "one of the most embarrassing losses for me as a head coach." The Hogs coach is doing his best to build up the challenge his team faces leading up to the game this weekend.

"Nothing prepares you for this venue," Bielema said. "This is one of the best I’ve ever been in, in college football. Not only do you have a great football team, you have a great crowd, great environment, very good coaching and some really good players on the field." 

Arkansas nearly ended their drought against Alabama in 2014, coming up only one point short of victory in the 14-13 loss. The Tide currently hold a seven-game streak against their division rival. If Arkansas can turn around and beat Alabama at home, Bielema and the fans may soon start loving Tuscaloosa. 

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