500K Not Enough to Slow the Pain Train Hitting Chattanooga

The last two times Alabama played Chattanooga (in 2009 and 2013), both where minor speed bumps on the way to a National Championship.

Pardon me boy, is that the Chattanooga football team? Yes? Well, tell them to get back on their train and head back to the mountains of Tennessee because they are playing No. 1 Alabama next.

Chattanooga is a beautiful place, with scenery and attractions like Lookout Mountain, a place I visited roughly this time last year with a view that is worth the price of admission. Chattanooga is known for their attractions, not their football. That moniker belongs to their opponent this weekend – No. 1 Alabama.

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Russ Huesman must be a glutton for punishment. It’s either that or he’s has the memory of a 90-year-old man. Does he not recall the 45-0 beating in 2009 and the 49-0 mauling in 2013? I mean, heck, there have been so many maulings and beatings handed out by Alabama – sure, the average fan is going to forget, but not the head coach of the team taking said beating. It’s like a 5-year old sticking a fork in an electrical outlet.

Coach Huesman decided to cash that fat $500,000 check and play Alabama one more time in Tuscaloosa. My question for Coach Huesman is this: Is $500K really worth it? I mean, let’s look at this from a logical long-term economic standpoint. You got food, travel, hotel, multiple hospital bills after the game – and then you are going to have to take at least $100,000 of that money and put it aside for future pain and suffering lawsuits the player are going to file against the school.

So I ask you, sir: Is it really worth it?

If you are lucky, the team will be playing well and the Alabama starters will be pulled by halftime. Maybe then you gotta deal with the backups. But do you really want to deal with them hungry-for-playing-time animals? To allude to the amount of talent on the roster, I’ll quote Dan Mullen: “Alabama has guys in the secondary and line that are redshirt that would start for us.”

Just wave the white flag. Don’t show up.

Maybe that Nick Saban guy knows what he’s doing scheduling Chattanooga. Who knows? All I do know is this: Alabama playing the Mocs is a good omen for The Crimson Tide. The last two times Alabama played Chattanooga (in 2009 and 2013), both where minor speed bumps on the way to a National Championship. Only this year will be a little different. This 2016 team is going to bring Nick Saban his second-ever undefeated season.

That is how talented I think this team is. I said it after the Southern Cal game – you can go ahead and book your rooms in Tampa now.

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