4-Year-Old Bama Fan Slams Alabama Football Haters

What’s the difference in a four-year-old Alabama fan and an Alabama Football hater? Find out in this hilarious video.

There’s a lot of Alabama hate out there right now, but this four-year-old Bama fan just shut down all the haters. So many folks have been waiting for Alabama to stumble so that they could rush in and talk trash, too bad a four year old has them all beat.

Do not try to talk smack to Deacon y’all, he’s not here for it.

What’s the difference in a four-year-old Bama fan and the fan of another team? The four year old Alabama Football fan has probably seem more national championships. DROP. THE. MIC. DEACON.

These videos of course come from friend of the site Bobby Wesson. Bobby is of course known for his hilarious Alabama Football videos, like his classic Bobby Shunarah skits. Deacon may eclipse even his hilarious dad though, did you see that dab? Haters on the playground in orange and blue beware, Deacon is not messing around.

So when the hill person, swap folk, or Barner in your life starts talking trash just show them this video, it will shut them up real quick… well, it probably won’t because nothing shuts up hill people, swamp folks, and Barners, but still. The problem is that no matter how many times we beat them there’s always “next year” which is clearly “their year.” Bless their hearts.

If you want even more fun from Bobby check out his Ohio State Buckeyes highlight video, he’s got highlights from both the Fiesta Bowl and the Big 10 Championship Game!

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