CFB AM: Watch recruit jump over dude to make one-handed grab

These insane catches are getting to be too much.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

We all know what you guys do during the offseason — argue about the two-deep while counting the days until fall on the paper chain hanging up on your wall — but how do players pass the time?

They make ridiculously athletic videos, apparently.

I’m not sure what’s up with the last week or so, but there’s been a run on crazy catch videos popping up online.

The latest surfaced over the holiday weekend, courtesy of 2016 recruit Khaleke Hudson. He makes a one-handed catch while jumping over another human being. Check it out:

Pretty nasty. Before you judge, take another look at the others that came before Hudson’s catch.

There was this one-handed backflip catch by 2017 recruit Marco Wilson, which is just stupid:

And before Wilson there was this backflip catch from North Carolina A&T running back Tarik Cohen:

So how do you rank them?

I’m putting Wilson first, since not only was it a backflip catch but he was running while doing it (which gives him an edge over Cohen, who was standing in place). I love Hudson’s grab, but Cohen has to come in second because, you know, he did a damn backflip.

Of course, if we open up this competition to not just catches but extraordinary displays of physicality, then Shawn Oakman and his 40-inch box jumps with 70-pound dumbbells in each hand would like a word.  


1. Michigan State cleaning up in recruiting. Mark Dantonio has made a habit at Michigan State out of developing overlooked recruits into highly productive players for the Spartans. His recruiting classes are never ranked among the nation’s elite, which says two things: 1) Dantonio knows specifically the kind of player and person who fits Michigan State; 2) we shouldn’t spend so much time analyzing recruiting rankings. That might change for MSU in 2016, though. Dantonio has been cleaning up on the recruiting trail, with 11 commitments and a consensus top-10 class currently. The most encouraging thing for Michigan State is kids are choosing East Lansing over Notre Dame, Ohio State and Michigan. Six current commits have offers from the Irish, five have offers from the Wolverines and four have offers from the Buckeyes (and two have offers from Alabama). Combine elite talent with the Spartans’ track record for development and watch out.

2. Urban Meyer strikes again. The Ohio State head coach has a propensity for pulling off great photobombs. He got another recently — this time at a wedding.

Speaking of the Buckeyes, in his mailbag on Monday Bruce Feldman offered his early prediction of how the Ohio State quarterback race will play out.

3. SEC spring meetings are this week. Conference coaches and leaders will convene in Destin, Florida, for their annual spring cleaning of league issues. Somewhere near the top of the list will be the issue of paying student-athletes cost of attendance. With the Power 5 leagues gaining autonomy over some of their legislation, the SEC now has to figure out the best way to implement these player benefits given the cost of attendance figures aren’t the same at every school. Coaches, of course, are concerned how this will affect recruiting. For example, Auburn’s cost of attendance for nine months is $5,586 while Georgia’s is $3,221 — meaning a player would get upwards of $2,300 more in cost of attendance compensation for attending Auburn. Will this be the deciding factor in a player choosing one school over the other?

I highly doubt it, but you know how coaches are — they obsess over every possible advantage/disadvantage to the point of paranoia, so this is something that will have to be worked through. But outgoing SEC commissioner Mike Slive has already stated that there won’t be an even ground. "We’re in an evolutionary period and the end result is that everything isn’t necessarily going to be the same for everybody," Slive said. ""That’s a difficult concept for them and it flies in the face of the experience of our coaches and our institutions for decades. The days of everything and every rule being grounded in a level playing field are gone."

Have a great Tuesday, everybody.

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