Saban: I had no conversations with Texas and wasn’t offered anything

On Wednesday, a report surfaced that Texas and its regents were willing to offer Nick Saban a compensation package exceeding $100 million.

Saban was asked about that Thursday at SEC Media Days in Hoover and denied the rumor.

"I had no conversations with [Texas] and wasn’t offered anything," Saban said.

"And if I had no conversations with [Texas] then I didn’t have any interest . . . [We’re] happy at Alabama."

Saban noted that the decision he made to stay at Alabama was one made between him and his wife and considered how much they like the University of Alabama and their desire to end their career in Tuscaloosa.

More from Saban’s press conference

On starting anew in 2014: "You need to check your ego at the door — all of us in the organization. You need to trust in the things that have made us successful. It’s about buying in."

On 2014 team: "We’re an unproven team in a lot of areas. There are questions in critical positions, like quarterback . . . We’re in a little bit of a rebuilding situation." Saban also noted replacing starters on the offensive line and on defense, saying there are question marks across the board for the Tide.


On new OC: "Lots of interest in Lane Kiffin, who’s done a really good job. New energy, new ideas. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to work with him."

Saban was asked about what specifically Kiffin brings to Alabama, he leaned on Kiffin’s experience as a head coach and understanding all that entails. He said bringing in someone with that kind of knowledge and experience is a two-way addition of sorts — Saban learns from them, and they learn from Saban.

On a part of CFB culture: "I think it speaks to the culture of young people . . . Sometimes these adolescents disappoint us. How do we react to that? How do we respond when someone in your family disappoints you? We certainly can’t kick them out of our family. We have to teach them how to do the right things."

Saban spoke about the program Alabama has in how they teach young players to have good habits and control their "impulsive behavior." He said it’s at the core of his "process," and that’s where the importance of discipline comes in.

On young QB: Decision-making and judgment, accuracy and leadership are what’s most critical to him when evaluating quarterbacks, but those are challenges with young quarterbacks, which Alabama will have this year. And, for the record, Saban said that the perception on the staff is not that Jacob Coker will easily win the job, like most outside the program believe.


On being a new grandfather: "Life with a grandbaby is great. It’s a great experience. I’ve only made a few mistakes . . . My [concern] is what happens when she walks into kindergarten and doesn’t get a standing ovation. How will she handle it? Because she gets a lot of attention in our house."

On his approach to helping people: "Feel, felt, found. I know how you feel, I’ve felt that way before, here’s what I found out. That [allows you] to help people in a positive way."

On his sugary vice: "Everybody hits my Debbie cookies up."

Saban ended his press conference by telling the assembled media how wrong they’ve been at picking the SEC champion. "You’ve been wrong 17 out of 21 times, and [when] you didn’t pick us, we won . . . So, we’re also evaluating you."

The media picked Alabama to win the SEC in 2014.