1-year-old Que serves as Georgia’s Uga mascot in opener

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) Georgia has a new bulldog mascot who could get the official title soon.

”Que” is serving as the mascot for the season opener against Louisiana Monroe on Saturday. No. 9 Georgia has announced that a new mascot, who will be Uga X, will be named at some point this season.

Spokesman Claude Felton said Saturday that Que is ”the leading candidate” to replace 11-year-old Russ in Georgia’s line of white English bulldog mascots.

The 1-year-old Que is the grandson of Russ. Que also sat in as the mascot in Georgia’s recent picture day for fans, and his rise to official status seems to be only a formality.

Frank ”Sonny” Seiler’s family has bred the line of English bulldog mascots since Uga I made his debut in 1956.

During games, the Uga mascots spend most of their time in an air-conditioned doghouse which sits next to the cheerleaders’ platform on the sideline. On Saturday, the nameplate still read ”Uga IX.”

Young Que was led out of the doghouse onto the field before the game. Like a pro, he stopped and posed for photos near the end zone.

The Georgia mascot merits recognition and respect from even the highest-ranking official on campus.

University of Georgia president Jere Morehead already has released a statement saying ”We look forward to celebrating the reign of Russ who has served the university and our sports programs in magnificent fashion. He has endeared himself to fans all over the country. At the same time we anxiously await the arrival of the newest in our long-standing line of mascots, Uga X.”