When Is An Offer An Offer?

The text messages, the tweets and the Facebook posts come across daily. Joe Someone was offered by School A.

So, what does it mean when those offers are sometimes two years before a prospect can sign a national letter of intent?

In the harsh world of college recruiting, offers extended come in a variety of categories, and making heads or tails out of them can be confusing for a recruit. It has also led to a new term called ‘€˜Committable Offers.’

Yeah, there are no offers, and then offers schools extended but then if a player tries to commit, the process is slowed down by said coaching staff.

So if a prospect wants to know if an offer is committable, see what happens when you get offered and say you are thinking about committing. Is there back-pedaling like a five-star cornerback?

And if an offer isn’t committable, what does the offer mean?

Well, there are a few possibilities:

A player could be offered to entice him to make a visit to campus, or visit campus for a camp and work with the coaches, who them will decide if it merits to continue recruiting said prospect.

Or, he could be offered to boost his stock on the recruiting scene. When one schools offers, most times it is followed by several others following suit, and even more gaining interest.

Or, it could be a way to pressure another player into committing in fear his spot will fill up.

It can be confusing, and part of understanding the landscape of recruiting is knowing offers have different meanings.