Evaluation Period Starts

American’s know April 15th as Tax Day.

College football coaches, though, know April 15th as the beginning of the Evaluation Period.

From Tuesday, the 15th, until Saturday, May 31st, the Eval Period is in full effect.

That gives college coaches the opportunity to hit the road and see the recruits high on their board, either those offered or unoffered.

Coaches are permitted two evaluations per athlete during the period, one for athletics (workout, spring ball, track meet, etc.) and one for academic evaluations (stop by the school to get transcripts, etc.).  However, if the coaches do both evaluations on the same day, they’re permitted an additional athletic evaluation of the prospect.

Also, coaches are permitted to make one phone call per recruit during the evaluation period.  Recruits can call the coach whenever, but coaches are only allowed one outgoing call during the time frame.

Head coaches continue to be grounded, with only assistant coaches able to hit the road.

Each spring sees a handful of guys see their recruitments take off once coaches get a chance to eyeball them in the spring.

This spring should be no different.