Draft Day Movie Lesson: Skip the QB

I get we all love the idea of a big Hollywood QB kicking off our draft parties, but if we learned anything from the NFL propaganda documentary Draft Day, it’s that Kevin Costner is the best NFL GM in the world and passing on the dreamy quarterback with the first overall pick is the right move to make.  Write it on a post-it and put it in your pocket until draft day. "Buck history. Draft a defender of the end zone no matter what".

History is on the gun-slingers side, I get that,  but if I was an amazing NFL GM like Kevin Costner, I’d draft Jadeveon Clowney with the first overall pick. Sure, QB’s have made up 72% of the first overall pick in the NFL draft starting with Carson Palmer in 2003, but Clowney is that special someone you wait your entire draft life for.  Propose already, Texans!

Did Clowney mail it in during his 2013 campaign? You betcha he did! You would too if you witness what happened to South Carolina teammate Marcus Lattimore.  On a routine SEC football Saturday vs a routine Tennessee football team on a routine 2nd and 10 play Marcus Lattimore ran the ball as a sure-fire NFL starter for the last time … ever … shattering his leg and future earnings. Marcus might be earning an honest living on Jim Harbaugh’s 49er bench, but he was destine to be a big time NFL starter before that routine day.

You think Jadeveon didn’t file that routine play away in the back of his head?  The man was doing his future employer and himself a favor by going through the motions in 2013.  As a die-hard college football fan did I like it? Heck Heisman no. But I’m not the obvious first pick in the 2014 NFL Draft either. 

For those that like history, which QB would you take over Clowney? The correct answer is "no one".  There’s no Andrew LuckCam Newton or even Matthew Stafford in this class. 2015 Draft? Plenty of potential #1 overall picks, but I’m sticking with my man JC in ’14.

Sure John Manziel is intriguing.  I’ve been impressed with his predraft performances. Shocked even. But ask yourself this. Would he start over any of the past 1st round QB over the last decade, including Sam Bradford?   Besides, the idea of Johnny Football in an Oakland Raider uniform is too storybook to ruin. So don’t you dare ruin it TexansRamsJags or Browns

Blake Bortles?  A poor mans Ben Roethlisberger.  Key word "poor mans".  Do you want a poor mans anything kicking off the NFL draft? In the name of Roger Goodell let’s all scream it together… NO! 

Louisville legend Teddy Bridgewater you ask? Answer; Christian Ponder.  Pass. Or in Teddy’s case, lack of arm strength to make all the NFL passes. 

Derek Carr had a nice little season at Fresno State … until he played a not so little or nice defense in USC.  

So stick with the Costner game plan, Houston Texans, and draft the obvious choice with the number one pick just like you did in 2006. Draft a dominate DE in Jadeveon Clowney. Draft the rich-mans Mario Williams.