Bruce Weber breaks down Kansas State’s shocking upset of Kentucky in the Sweet 16

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Bruce Webber credits his team's resiliency and toughness in Kansas State's upset of Kentucky.

BRUCE WEBBER: You know, it just shows our resilience, our character of our guys. You know, we've been through a lot this season, and we've been able to keep fighting and battling and making the plays when it matters.

You know, we had-- you know, they'd make runs. We got 30 fouls. It seemed like everybody on our team was fouled out. We were playing with 6' 4" and under, and they're one of the biggest teams in the country. But we got big rebounds down the stretch, big stops, and obviously Barry's basket was huge.

Xavier rose up and played his special. We needed somebody to be special. I said before, Mike McGuirl moment. And Xavier had his moment, and it was huge. Not only the points, but nine rebounds and battling bigger guys inside.

And then you've got to give Dean some credit. Without playing basketball for two weeks, came in there, got the four points, busted his butt for us. And we said, we had to fight it out, grind it out, and we did.

And now we have a chance go to Final Four. But it will not be easy, because Loyola is a very, very good team. And you know, we got to have fun for about 15 minutes tonight. But then we've got to get refocused and ready for a chance of a lifetime.