Loyola players talk about their special relationship with team chaplain Sister Jean

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Loyola players open up about their special relationship with team chaplain Sister Jean.

JOSH PETER: Josh Peter with USA Today. For each of the three players, as you guys left the court, you all stopped and greeted Sister Jean. Can you talk about what she means to the team, and if you have any stories that sort of illustrate--

MAN: All three?

JOSH PETER: --the type of person she is. Please.

MAN: OK. Dante, we'll let you go.

- Sister Jean, she has meant so much to me personally, and obviously, the team. She is there before every game. She's saying prayer before every game.

After the game, she'd send a general email to the team. And then at the end of the email, it'd be individualized. You know, hey, Dante. You did this. You rebounded well tonight. Even though when they were out there to get you, you know, you still came through for the team.

But you know, she's just so special. You know, her spirit. She's just so bright. And she means so much to the city of Chicago, and, you know, Loyola, obviously, and the team.

MAN: Marques?

- Yeah. She gives us a great, great scouting report, so you know. No, but no. Sister Jean, she's just a-- she's just a wonderful person, you know.

Just to have her around, and her presence and her aura-- you know, when you see her, it's just like the-- the world is just great. Because, you know, just her spirit, and-- and her faith in us and Loyola basketball, and her-- and just her being around. She's the-- she's the biggest Loyola fan I've ever met in my entire life. And just-- and just having her, and her giving us her pre-game prayers, and just having her here is just a real-- it's just a real blessing.

MAN: Clayton?

- Yeah. I mean, Sister Jean is like-- when you talk to her, when she's in the same room as you, you feel-- you just-- it warms your heart. She has had such a positive energy around her. And, I mean, she's honestly just amazing to-- for her to be doing what she's doing at her age, it's amazing, and it's inspiring.

And I think-- I mean, I think she's def-- I think her prayers definitely mean a little bit extra when she prays for us. So she's huge for us. And she's huge for our success.