No. 2 Villanova withstands fierce comeback by Providence to claim 2018 Big East Championship

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Villanova needed Overtime to put the Friars away to become 2018 Big East Champions.

GUS JOHNSON: Now Brunson backing down Cartwright again. Cross-court-- Paschall steps into a 3. And pure. Paschall, playing some of his best basketball of the season, had 12 last night against Butler.

Watson calling for it. Great position. Goes up. Count it, and the foul. This kid could be the difference.

DiVincenzo explodes down the lane. Too strong.

JIM JACKSON: Met once again on the contest.

GUS JOHNSON: Cartwright-- Euro step to the bucket, up and in. Was that a left-hander?


GUS JOHNSON: Somehow, he throws it in with left hand.

Seven to shoot for Paschall. Brunson guarded by Bullock, shakes him. And Paschall with the tip jam!

Brunson. And again, Jalen Brunson leading the way for Nova. He has 13 in the first half.

Now Brunson driving on the baseline, kicks it out. Booth with a look. Spellman tipped it up. Paschall with the rebound. Brunson shows it down the lane. Short-armed it. Paschall with a rebound. Brunson reloads in the corner and hits. What a play by Eric Paschall. He kept that ball alive.

--being a journeyman in the league. Down the lane, and Bridges-- he won't be a journeyman. 14 for Mikal Bridges.

--forced overtime. Jackson-- the kick. Cartwright open. Passed up. Lets it fly and hits. Blue pill starting to kick in.

Now Booth with open.

JIM JACKSON: The ball is not coming off his hand clean.

GUS JOHNSON: Cartwright-- a 3. Good! Cartwright! Cartwright! And here we go! 9:04 to go, Big East championship game, 51-49.

Bullock inside. Off the window, no. Edwards with a rebound and putback, plus the foul! Drew Edwards levels it at 51. Friars heading to the line.

--turns, leans in. Strong. Loose. Paschall again, his 11th rebound. Bridges-- the dagger. Bang! Big time Bridges with 19.

Diallo, 8 to shoot. Cartwright loose with it. Cartwright, 2 to shoot, fadeaway.


GUS JOHNSON: Oh, he made it! And we're level at 58! Listen to this crowd.

Cartwright. Inside, Diallo. And Providence goes ahead with 40.7 remaining! Diallo with 20.

Brunson-- he's been clutch. And a foul call. This will go against Diallo.

We're level, 60-60, 30.1 to go. What's the strategy for Providence right here?

JIM JACKSON: If it's Ed Cooley, I would know that a play that works he's gonna run and try to switch a mismatch. So look maybe for Paschall guarding Bullock to come up and set the pick to see if they can get a mismatch.

GUS JOHNSON: Cartwright takes his time. Shot clock and game clock about the same. 10 to go. Here we go. Tied at 60. Cartwright-- in-and-out dribble. Off the back rim, no! And we're heading to overtime in the Big East championship. Providence, Villanova 60 up at the end of regulation.

Brunson. Inside, Spellman-- jump hook, and the freshman gets it to fall.

Brunson-- poked away. Bridges-- desperation. Oh! Mikal Bridges again! Timeout, Providence. Yes, this kid is a lottery pick.

Brunson, five to shoot. Brunson tricky, frees himself and hits it!

Once again, the Villanova Wildcats are the top cats of the Big East. 2018 tournament champions.

- How are you taking in this moment right now?

- I mean, I love it. I love it. Be able to come out here with my brothers. Coach challenging us after the Creighton game. We gotta defend better. We gotta do a lot of things better to be the best that we can be. My brothers-- we accepted the challenge. We're gonna keep fighting. We're gonna keep getting better.

- You did get better in many, many ways. But as finishers, yourself and Mikal Bridges, how do you evaluate the way you guys take over the end of basketball games?

JALEN BRUNSON: Well, first of all, it comes from my teammates. They give us the confidence to be really aggressive. Making mistakes or not, they always have our backs. And then Mikal-- he's one bad boy. He's good, man. He's a lottery pick. That's all I gotta say.

LISA BYINGTON: When you lost the ball and he hit that 3, what was going through your mind initially?

- Thank god. Thank god I got him on my side. I mean, he's-- oh my god. I can't say anything else besides he's just great. He has my back, and so does everyone else.


- Thank you.