No. 12 North Carolina tops No. 5 Duke in ACC Tournament for 1st time since 1998

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North Carolina beat Duke 74-69, their first win over the Blue Devils in the ACC Tournament since 1998.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wants to see his son do more, not just be the one dimensional shooter, but show off more of his repertoire.

ANNOUNCER 2: Williams. Carolina's got three 3's.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's not helping them on the offensive end of the floor right now. And, of course, defensively, he's getting pulverized by Wendell Carter Jr.


ANNOUNCER 1: You find open shooters. As you said, Corey, that gives Grayson Allen and Gary Trent Jr. into the game and Joel Berry, the point guard for the Tar Heels, is finding his way back there.

ANNOUNCER 2: And I believe we are going to have a flagrant foul on Grayson Allen. Burt Smith, there going to call him a flagrant one on Grayson Allen. And they battle for it and out of there another offensive chance and a three from the corner by Johnson. Williams falling away, somehow got enough mustard on it. Here's Pinson on the outlet. Slips it to Manley for the dunk.


ANNOUNCER 1: To go man to man and you have to do this come back from the defensive end of the floor. That allows you to get going, get stops, get second chance opportunities.

ANNOUNCER 2: Works off the base. Screen. Brooks, the dunk.


10 for Garrison Brooks.


Duval baseline. Trent to cut it in half.


And a foul is called.

ANNOUNCER 1: And this is where you've got to be careful with Theo Pinson going long.


ANNOUNCER 2: Out of bounds right here in front of us.

ANNOUNCER 1: You're down by 3 points. Grayson Allen is going to take a shot here to finish this ballgame.

ANNOUNCER 2: He does. And he misses. And Pinson has the rebound. And Carter will commit the foul.