No. 18 West Virginia edges No. 14 Texas Tech 66-63 to advance to Big 12 Championship

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West Virginia took down Texas Tech 66-63 to set up a meeting with Kansas in the Big 12 Championship.

[CHEERING] ANNOUNCER: Niem Stevenson connects!


PA: [INAUDIBLE] for Niem Stevenson.

ANNOUNCER: Time out, Mountaineers. What a start for Texas Tech.

ANNOUNCER: Players whose dads, relatives, really good athletes.

ANNOUNCER: Konate, no, followed by Harris!


ANNOUNCER: Wesley Harris came from the top of the key and recognized that ball was coming off, and that's what his job is.

ANNOUNCER: Konate in the post, 5 to shoot, back outside Carter. Got a 3!

ANNOUNCER: And how good was that?

ANNOUNCER: Even the hand-offs in this game are contested and tough. In the corner, looking for a long-range jumper and finding it is Justin Gray.

ANNOUNCER: That is not his strength, Bob, 24%. Hamilton, a rare miss with the pass. Here's Miles. This would be a rare miss, and he finds the bottom again!


ANNOUNCER: West leans in, that's blocked, Zaire Smith got a hand on it, here comes Evans. Evans slows up, finger roll is good!

ANNOUNCER: Boy, that was a tough shot in traffic.


ANNOUNCER: Niem Stevenson, bang from the corner and we're tied!


Carter leans in, draws the foul, score it! The chance for a three-point play, Jevon Carter puts West Virginia back on top.


Gray's got it for Texas Tech. Will West Virginia foul? Niem Stevenson, mid-court--


--just off the mark! West Virginia! They're goin' back to the championship game! And they're gonna get another crack this year at Kansas.