Providence coach Ed Cooley tells team he’s ‘speechless’ after epic comeback win over Xavier

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Providence coach Ed Cooley gives a great locker room speech to his team after their stunning win over Xavier.

ED COOLEY: Fellas, believe. Believe, man. Believe. That place felt like the Dunkin Donuts center, didn't it?

PLAYER: Hell yeah.

ED COOLEY: Oh man, I'm speechless. I'm so proud of y'all. Man, this is what it's about. We sold out the second half. We tried everything. We played a great team. We did. We played a great team, man. They've got a lot of different weapons. Our defense in the second half to me was stellar. And again, I think our personalities came. Nate, welcome to the Big East.


Makai, Makai like you know, I saw Makai over there. Head went down like damn, man. Makai, you gave us a great spot, man.


Welcome to the Big East. Hey man, your number was called. We're going to get off our feet. We're going to enjoy the moment. But you know, we got another game. We're gonna play against another monster team, whoever wins. Right, we've had success against both. Postseason tournaments are about perseverance. It's about playing together. This is the most joyful I've seen our group over the last couple of days. The huddles have been very active talking. Like we said, when the huddle talks, the coaches shut up. I'm really proud of you guys. Really, really proud of you guys. Just think about this back when everybody thought we were we were sick. We were injured. We didn't-- you know what we are? We're winners. We're winners. That's character. That's culture. That's-- you know what I mean, perseverance.

That's an unbelievable win for us, right? They played well. We played well. Made plays, unbelievable charges. Right? Unbelievable charges, you know, you should get into wrestling when you're done. You knocked the hell out of the dude. You know, you ran him over. I like the physical fouls but not with eight seconds on the clock. Bottom line guys, we're going to go get off our feet. We're going to shower up. We'll meet tonight. It's going to be a late night, early morning. But here's the deal, we're still alive.

PLAYER: Yes sir!

ED COOLEY: We're still alive! Let's go!