Butler wins first ever Big East Tournament game in last-second thriller

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Butler wins first ever Big East Tournament game in last-second thriller 75-74. Tyler Wideman got the go-ahead bucket with just under 5 seconds remaining. The Bulldogs advance to face 2nd seeded Villanova.

GUS JOHNSON: Long rebound, Carrington to Powell, catch-and-shoot 3. Got it down.

BILL RAFTERY: Hey do you remember the first game you were saying, How do you get balanced the floor? That's the dilemma, if everybody goes to the lane.

GUS JOHNSON: Kelan Martin, second leading scorer in the conference. Over 20 a game. The highest, Shamorie Ponds. Now Baldwin's got to get it going, and he does here.

BILL RAFTERY: Nice job, too. You know, he drove the lane there. He's got a great right hand.

GUS JOHNSON: Carrington, this time he goes right. Sanogo, deep jumper, and it's good. For a guy with a tender ankle, he's playing pretty well.

BILL RAFTERY: He sure is.

GUS JOHNSON: As we hit nine minutes, Baldwin again. Now he's cooking.

BILL RAFTERY: There you go. Well he's free of foul problems, and--

GUS JOHNSON: Here's Rodriguez, a 3. Wow, that's a confidence builder right there.

BILL RAFTERY: How about that. Nice call from the bench. A little pin-down.

GUS JOHNSON: Myles Powell, stolen away. McDermott. Here's Kelan Martin. To the bucket. Up high and in.

BILL RAFTERY: Boy, he has really done a nice job. Quick timeout now. Good teams get rid of it.

GUS JOHNSON: Sanogo with nine. Martin deep. How about that.

BILL RAFTERY: And that was-- Desi's shaking his head. You got to be ready on the catch.

GUS JOHNSON: Khadeen Carrington, pick and roll with Sanogo. Sanogo 3-pointer. My goodness. This kid has got some Michael Jordan type stuff.

BILL RAFTERY: I couldn't recruit when it counted.

GUS JOHNSON: You get the hockey assist. Meanwhile, Delgado. And no problem.

BILL RAFTERY: Angel! On your shoulder!

GUS JOHNSON: 39-33. Carrington, double pump, up and in with English!

BILL RAFTERY: And he knew that that guy was looming large.

GUS JOHNSON: Mike Robert standing right on the play. Seton Hall scoreless in the second half.


GUS JOHNSON: Back door.

BILL RAFTERY: How about that. Out of the Princeton playbook. His Baptism under fire this year.

GUS JOHNSON: Here he is on the baseline. Lefty jump shot goes down.

BILL RAFTERY: He can stroke it.

GUS JOHNSON: Sandro Mamukelashvili. Baldwin in the corner. McDermott with a good look, and hits.

BILL RAFTERY: How about that. A tip, a tray.

GUS JOHNSON: Kelan Martin.

BILL RAFTERY: A re-do. Nice slip and what a look. Too much attention. Two guys on one. Nice pass.

GUS JOHNSON: McDermott, he's been hot. And he remains hot.

BILL RAFTERY: And the ball movement set it up. Double.

GUS JOHNSON: It found the bottom of the net. Powell saves it right to Baldwin in the corner. Kelan Martin drives to the hole!

BILL RAFTERY: How about that! Well when you can shoot, you do a whoopsie-doo as well. And just a beautiful maneuver here to close out. Gets him off the line, but nobody sealed the deal on that baseline. And great crosscourt pass. They've moved the ball beautifully. You get some real good open looks.

GUS JOHNSON: The push.

BILL RAFTERY: That's the third time-- oh. Delgado on the floor. Whoops.

GUS JOHNSON: Powell, on the deck. Wraps it around. Delgado with the easy flush.

BILL RAFTERY: Nice job getting in the lane.

GUS JOHNSON: Baldwin. Euro. But now again, count it and the foul! Wow!

BILL RAFTERY: Why don't they go for--

GUS JOHNSON: Here's Delgado guarded by Wideman.

BILL RAFTERY: Loves to get to that right--

GUS JOHNSON: Reverse layup goes down.

BILL RAFTERY: Nice job. Taking advantage.

[INAUDIBLE] the big guy.

GUS JOHNSON: Angel with 12. Baldwin with 24. Add to his totals! Kamar Baldwin putting on a show. He has 27. Calling for it, Carrington.


GUS JOHNSON: Carrington takes a 3. Delgado goes up high, keeps it alive. Baldwin with it. He's got Baddley. Here's Baddley! Up and in! And Butler takes the lead. Their first lead since the score was 4 to 3.

Powell takes a 3 for the lead. Short. Oh, but he got the bounce!

BILL RAFTERY: How about that.

GUS JOHNSON: What Trenton makes.

BILL RAFTERY: Attack that glass, though McDermott is a good offensive rebounder.

GUS JOHNSON: Here's Baldwin. Baseline. Fires! Good!

BILL RAFTERY: How about that.

GUS JOHNSON: And Butler goes back on top. Pirates don't need a 3. No timeouts. Here's Powell. No, Carrington on the baseline. Doesn't give it up. Inside, the senior, and one!

BILL RAFTERY: Whoo! Our Brooklyn boy! Whoo!

GUS JOHNSON: They'll give it to Baldwin.

BILL RAFTERY: They're going to play.

GUS JOHNSON: And they're going to let him go. Baldwin drives. Baldwin up! Oh, too strong! Tapped up, and in! And Butler has the lead! Three seconds! Powell for the win! And it's over! Butler! Wideman with the tip! And the Butler Bulldogs win their first ever Big East Tournament game. What a finish at the Garden!

LAVALL JORDAN: I'm so proud of our guys, Lisa. Just for the way they battled. Obviously those guys beat us twice in the regular season. And we got a group that's-- they got a lot of fight in them. They got a lot of pride. And its poetic justice that our senior tips it in for the win.