Providence upsets Creighton in OT to advance to Big East semi-finals

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Providence manages to pull off a 72-68 win over Creighton in Overtime to advance to the semi-finals of the Big East Tournament.

- Skip pass. Goes baseline for the dunk. A lot of people are saying he's a potential first round pick in the upcoming draft. They'll switch here. DeVeon Hicks. Spinning, wow! Couldn't keep track of where he was.

- Nice bounce pass. Wow! You don't see that very often. What you see is the read and react.

- Foster finding Thomas in transition. Rodney Bullock got a hand on it. Up and in. Thomas, the two hand!

- Right back in the game.

- Dropping that left foot allowed him to pump fake and drive right baseline.

- Bullock now for three. Starting to feel it, got 10. One point ballgame.

- Shot clock down to 5. Bullock fading away. Off the glass! That's an NBA move right there. Jackson for the lead. And the foul!

- So he was so proud of that that he got that right. Here's Foster. Spin move. Foster gives Creighton the lead with a minute and a half to go.

The first overtime of this 2018 Big East Tournament! Davion Mintz has four for the Blue Jays. Justin [INAUDIBLE] alongside Jim Jackson here on FS1. Diallo, nice move underneath, kept that pivot foot down!

- And you know, Ed Cooley is a lot like--

- Jackson goes down. Shot clock down to seven. Cartwright against Foster. Cartwright, the spin, hanging!

- Oh! You talk about staying under control. We talked about the spin cycle earlier. Put one more on display on Marcus Foster. Able to fade away and create space. But here. Stop on the dime. Spin. Clutch basket that time by Kyron Cartwright.

- [INAUDIBLE] to in-bound to Thomas. Here comes Khyri Thomas. Ballock for three! Short! Providence gets the rebound! A foul is given with 2/10 of a second! They got the open look. You can't ask for anything more!

- Up three, 8.8 left. Creighton calls a timeout. You see what they set up and you call a timeout. What was the defensive posture that you hadn't planned for that?

- Well you know, I mean, they got a wide open shot. We didn't communicate. We wanted to switch all screens. We wanted to switch up to take away to three. And almost didn't want to switch under. Because if they got a two, you still got a one point lead. That was a tough game for us. We played a great team. You know, we had to fight to win. And I'm proud of the group and their resiliency. We didn't use many guys in the second half. But I thought we were-- we were complete today as far as winning the game.

- I saw you coming out of the locker room after half. I asked you about Kyron Cartwright. You said, man, he's hurting. He's still back in the locker room. Well he played the entire second half, played all of overtime. What did you see from Cartwright after that injury?

- I thought we had great leadership from Cartwright, Bullock and Lindsey. I thought the mismatch with Diallo was really big for us. I thought everybody that played made timely shots, in particular Kyron's lay up in there that put us up four that you know, basically sealed the game.

- Coach, we'll see you tomorrow night. Semifinals with Xavier, my friend. Always a pleasure. Justin.