No. 3 Xavier cruises past St. John’s 88-60 in quarterfinals of Big East Tournament

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Xavier outscored St. John's 55-31 in the 2nd half of their blowout win, advancing them to the semi finals of the Big East Tournament.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Ponds. Shamorie Ponds has it poked away. Clark for 3 and the lead, got it. Just like that.

Goodin to the rim for the dunk!


Quentin Goodin is sneaky explosive.

Alibegovic stripped by Macura, another steal by him.

JIM JACKSON: Ah, what activity. What anticipation that time by JP.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Bluiett, the deep 3. Got it. Tie game.

JIM JACKSON: The two seniors.

Kaiser Gates on the ball.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Clark puts up the 3. Got it! Big shot for St. John's!

JIM JACKSON: Just like it was drawn up by Chris Mullin.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: And now a timeout taken here by Chris Mack and Xavier.

JIM JACKSON: Owens is guarding Gates, who's going be more on the perimeter. Now what that does, it takes Owens away from the basket from a rebounding perspective, but it could preserve his foul trouble.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Bluiett for 3. Hits it, 10-point lead. Largest of the game, and a timeout by St. John's.


Goodin, the kick-out. Gates for 3. Got it. Kaiser Gates has 10 points. This guy has been so quiet recently.


Ahmed going baseline to the hoop for the dunk! Will that gets St. John's going?

Simon on the crossover. Kick out-- Clark trying to hit the 3. In and out, and a rebound for Marshall, and Clark shows frustration.

JIM JACKSON: But I like that offense.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: The legs are starting to play a factor.

JIM JACKSON: Yeah, but I like that offense better.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Bluiett answers with a 3.

JIM JACKSON: Well I like that offense a lot, right there. But I told you before, with Bluiett--

Huh, there you go. I think you answered your own question right there, how it happened.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Up ahead here for Goodin, behind the back for O'Mara! And that's the capper.


JIM JACKSON: Dominating performance by Xavier in so many different ways, but the defensive end, as well, is really impressed at in the Xavier team.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: I guess they'll take a shot. It'll be a dunk. A season-low seven turnovers for Xavier.


88 to 60.

- Defensively, I thought you did an excellent job on Shamorie Ponds. Two previous games, averaging about 25 points a game. But you took him out of the fold early on. Did you change anything differently or defensively?

- Well I'm sure he's tired. You know he was up late last night, he's a big part of their win. He's a monster to keep out of the ball screen, and he can do so many things with it. He dances your bigs, and I'm just glad that we kept him out of the lane, made the game hard on him. Which is what we needed to do, and you know, it's not easy.

- The biggest strength of this team, I think what makes you so versatile is your ability to dig deep into the bench. Multiple guys can make plays. How big of a strength and an asset is that moving forward?

- Oh it's huge. And not only that, the sacrifices each one of those guys have made. Because they could probably be better players on lesser teams, and they recognize the fact they want to be on a team that hopefully gets remembered for something.

- All right, thanks a lot, coach. Back to Kutcher.