Marquette survives late surge from DePaul in the opening round of the Big East Tournament

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Marquette survives late surge from DePaul in the opening round of the Big East Tournament. The Golden Eagles advances to the second round to face Villanova with a 72-69 victory. Andrew Rowsey had a game-high 25 points in the win.

BILL RAFTERY: Howard has not gotten a decent look.

GUS JOHNSON: From Chandler, Arizona. Look at the crossovers to the bucket, and lays it in.

BILL RAFTERY: Yeah, pretty play. We got something at the end here.

GUS JOHNSON: He's 6' 6". Rowsey from Milwaukee.

BILL RAFTERY: [LAUGHS] Unbelievable.

GUS JOHNSON: How come they can't post these two young, small guards? Do you see that happen very often?

BILL RAFTERY: Not often really. Cain with nice penetration.

Heldt does a nice job post defense. He strung that ball screen out.

GUS JOHNSON: Paul Reed fires, gets his own rebound, and lays it in, plus draws the foul.

BILL RAFTERY: They challenged the shot, ran threw him. A terrific approach.

GUS JOHNSON: Rowsey has to hurry. Rowsey-- the runner, and good at the buzzer.

BILL RAFTERY: You knew he was gonna do something. He is a nudge.


BILL RAFTERY: He'll be playing till he's 90.

GUS JOHNSON: That's right.

LISA BYINGTON: --use him in maybe some pick-and-pop screening situations. Or backdoor. That'll work, Gus.

GUS JOHNSON: All right, there you go, Lisa. You were right on it.

And they find Maric. Up top, they swing it. Strus sets his feet. Off the heel. Rowsey with another rebound, his fifth. He's got Elliott trading. And Rowsey, in transition, knocks down a 2.

BILL RAFTERY: He's got the head on a swivel.

GUS JOHNSON: Paul Reed brought some good energy off the bench for Coach Leitao. Maric-- and he'll get the bounce.

BILL RAFTERY: You knew he had the footspeed to get by.


BILL RAFTERY: Oh goodness. Not a good look. He didn't read. Straight up man.

GUS JOHNSON: Cain uses that great body, and 1.

BILL RAFTERY: How about this team? Boy, they are playing with some purpose right now.

GUS JOHNSON: Howard just totally knocked off his square today. Only 4 points.

BILL RAFTERY: And not looking for his shot when he gets it either.

GUS JOHNSON: Anim-- nice no-look pass. They kick it. Hauser.

BILL RAFTERY: Oh, what a big time counter. Balance in their attack.

GUS JOHNSON: --level it with the 2 and take the lead with a 3.

BILL RAFTERY: Same tricks they got before.

GUS JOHNSON: Strus-- bam!


GUS JOHNSON: And we're level at 61.

BILL RAFTERY: Two big time plays.

And once again, go inside off the timeout to Hauser.

GUS JOHNSON: Rowsey on the fade. Pure.

BILL RAFTERY: How about the find? Boy, what a response.

GUS JOHNSON: Hauser with a monster second half-- 14 points. Here comes Cain.

BILL RAFTERY: Gotta get Strus involved a little bit with Maric.

GUS JOHNSON: 70 to 66. Strus. Oh!


GUS JOHNSON: What a shot!

BILL RAFTERY: Well, they didn't need it, but they certainly will take it.

GUS JOHNSON: 70 to 69. Strus.

BILL RAFTERY: How about this kid? That is not much room or space, but you don't want to foul him. And he is able to rise in, knock it down. As you would say, rise and fire. Big time!

--with the guards open in the frontcourt.

GUS JOHNSON: Howard the man you don't want to foul. Rowsey almost lost it. And he lost it with 11.5 to go.

BILL RAFTERY: Too much dribble cost him.

GUS JOHNSON: Eight seconds. Here's Strus coming off the screen.

BILL RAFTERY: They got him.

GUS JOHNSON: Found him wide open for the win. Oh, it's short. Rowsey with the rebound with 3/10 of a second to go.

BILL RAFTERY: What a great play design for Strus by Dave Leitao. Oh, did Marquette dodge one.

Strus has got his shot.

GUS JOHNSON: From halfcourt, and that's it. Marquette survives and advances, as they defeat DePaul, 72 to 69.