No. 6 Gonzaga crushes BYU 74-54 to claim 6th consecutive WCC Championship

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Gonzaga rattles off their 14th straight win in a 74-54 drubbing of BYU to claim the WCC Championship.

- Perkins, shot clock winding down. Gives it up Norvell, beats the timer and connect for three.

- Wow, she feeling it. Comes out of the Windy City. Comes from a school that produced Derrick Rose. His brother was a heck of a player.

- Sweeping hook from Killian Tillie.

- I'll tell you what. Do you think Mr Tillie's heading for an MVP award?

- Sets up Nelson, yes.

- That was created by Tillie.Tillie with the bounce to the floor, drew the defense to him, found the open guy.

- Chance for a final shot as Perkins with drive it. Flips it up and scores. At the buzzer.

- The Euro stat. The Euro stat. Wow, this is like a home game for Gonzaga. I think we're at The Kennel. It's unbelievable Bob. You're going to see his game really blossom. I really believe that.

- Speaking of blossoming, Killian Tillie does it again.

- What a nice post move right there. See one thing I like about Gonzaga, they got players that come off the bench and settle from last year. But they've got a winner's mentality. When you've got people who understand how to win.

- Tillie for three.

- It's amazing. It's amazing. Every time he shoots the ball, I think it's a lay up. He's got a little stronger and physical. Oh, nice little screen and roll. Got him a little one on one right now, in isolation.

- Sets Nelson up, another triple for the Zags.

- Can't be denied with a player like this. They're all sharing the ball, all stepping in and red eye back home and go to the SEC, where I'm telling you it's going to be electrifying. Or you're going to the Big XII. SEC or the Big XII, the two best conferences, top to bottom.

- Way to sneak those plugs in for the Dickie V Discount before we get off the air. Excellent job. Gonzaga celebrates another championship in the West Coast Conference.