Casey Jacobsen hands out Big East Oscars

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Casey Jacobsen hands out hardware to the best in the Big East.

- From New York, we transition to award season here in Hollywood. Cue the music. There it is. All right. Let's hand out some hardware. Best actor in a leading role in the Big East this season. Your candidates are.

- Some fantastic players. Trevon Bluiett, one of the best scorers in Xavier history. Jalen Brunson, a.k.a. The Lawnmower. Marcus Foster, the senior leader for the Blue Jays. And Kelan Martin, a scoring machine. And my best actor in a leading role is Jalen Brunson.

Now look, when it comes to individual awards, you have to remember that basketball is a team game. So you have to have the stats, and he does. He's an exclusive member of the 50-40-80 club, Lav. 50% from the field, 40% from three, 80% from the line. He's so efficient. He rarely turns the basketball over. But more importantly, he makes his team better. When Jalen Brunson's on the floor, we trust that Villanova is going to get the job done.

STEVE LAVIN: I concur with your choice. Jalen Brunson's intelligence, the way he plays with purpose, a winner, and the Lawnmower. I agree.

- Best nickname in the Big East as well. Second category, best supporting actor. This is a good one.

- This is my personal favorite just because these guys don't often get the credit they deserve. Kamar Baldwin for Butler. Mikal Bridges, a great Robin to Jalen Brunson's Batman. J.P. Macura for the league champs Xavier. And Kyrie Thomas, defensive extraordinaire.

And my winner for best supporting actor is J.P. Macura. He is very easy to hate. But guys, I love his competitive fire. And I don't think Xavier has as good of a season as they've had without J.P. He can score the basketball. But this year, he's kind of taken a step back, and he's done a little bit of all the dirty work, Lav, which is what I love. He gets rebounds. He gets deflections. He leads the team in steals. And when they need a big play, look no further than J.P. Macura.

- Yeah, a competitive group of nominees here. Tough to make the call. But I'm with you, given that the Musketeers cut down the nets on the regular season title. And J.P. Macura is emblematic of the entire Xavier team when you look at their personnel. Flexibility, versatility. He's outstanding at the top of that 1-3-1 zone. Offensively, he can dial up the three ball and also put it on the deck and create for others. Great choice.

- Not for nothing, but Bridges is a potential lottery.

- I know.

- Just going to throw that out there.

- That was a hard decision.

- Best director, a.k.a. best coach.

- This is Lav's favorite category. Ed Cooley has done a masterful job again at Providence. Levall Jordan taking over for Butler in his first year, got them rolling already. Chris Mack, of course, the Big East champions. And, of course, Jay-- GQ-- Jay Wright.

This was a tough one, but I'm going right here with Chris Mack for Xavier. He was a player at Xavier. He bleeds and lives and breathes and sleeps Xavier basketball. And the job that he has done meshing the young talent they have-- guys like Naji Marshall and Quentin Gooden-- with the veteran talents-- J.P. Macura and Trevon Bluiett-- he's done as good a job as anybody. He's built a solid program. You love their depth, Lav. But Chris Mack has done a fantastic job. Congrats to Xavier on the Big East championship.

- Well, this is the trifecta, the third category, that I agree with you on. And these four are superstars. Greg McDermott would be in the mix if Krampelj hadn't been hurt--

- Maybe.

- But I think Chris Mack, at the end of the day, the way he manages those nine players, no easy task in terms of distributing the minutes, but also a great feel for when to call timeouts. Hitting all the right buttons this year. Cut down the nets in the regular season title. Chris Mack, a winner.

- One last award. Best performance at dollar beer night.

- Yeah, Lav.

- That's nice of you guys. I appreciate that.

- Something you earned.

- Very thoughtful. Very kind.