No. 5 Duke shuts down No. 9 North Carolina 74-64

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Duke outscored North Carolina 49-29 in the 2nd half to beat the Tar Heels 74-64

ANNOUNCER 1: That's a lot to ask to get that rebound between those two.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. Maye's 6'8" but he's giving up size to both Carter and Bolden. Now Caroline with a chance to run, something they love to do. And Johnson will slam it home.

ANNOUNCER 1: North Carolina so good in transition.

ACC as a result of this game. They ask whether you won or lost this one.

ANNOUNCER 2: Carolina won the first one in Chapel Hill. Great steal by Grayson Allen.


ANNOUNCER 1: Powerful inside.

ANNOUNCER 2: A good look for Kenny Williams.


ANNOUNCER 2: And Pinson with a remarkable follow.

ANNOUNCER 1: And keeping that double-digit lead. They got to go into Bagley. He's been guarded by Pinson.

ANNOUNCER 2: They'll try here. Williams with the help-- not enough. Only so much you can help when that guy gets a touch down low. Duval, Bagley! Trent off the screen. The kick to Allen.

ANNOUNCER 1: Allen was wide open-- set a back-screen for Marvin Bagley. That's what got him open.

ANNOUNCER 2: Whoa! What a follow by Bagley!

ANNOUNCER 1: You have to think that Duke is going to look inside here. Bagley's still being guarded by Pinson. There's the cross-screen, down-screen action.

ANNOUNCER 2: Pinson fronting him. Instead it's Trent.

ANNOUNCER 1: They've had a couple of open threes that they've missed. North Carolina really needs a couple of stops.

ANNOUNCER 2: Pinson helps off Bagley. Carter's open for three.


ANNOUNCER 2: He doesn't take many, but he makes 'em at about a 50% clip. I think Mike Krzyzewski is going to try to get Grayson Allen out of the game here.