No. 4 Villanova dominates Georgetown in regular season finale

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Villanova dominates Georgetown in regular season finale, 97-73. Head Coach Jay Wright is now tied for the most wins in program history. The Wildcats improve to 27-4 on the season.

ANNOUNCER: And still when Govan catches that ball in the low post, move without it. He's a willing passer.

ANNOUNCER: Brunson on a dish from DiVincenzo. He set him up beautifully.

ANNOUNCER: How much confidence offensively to give that to one another.

ANNOUNCER: Little hand and it goes. Count it. There's Gillispie looking for the charge. He gets the block.

ANNOUNCER: Try to figure something out in transition for Georgetown.

ANNOUNCER: Ton of points off the floor right now for Georgetown. Spellman, oh man. Big man can fill it up. Love watching this guy shoot.

--on Jamorko Pickett. And here's Bridges with a man right in his face. Bridges hits a 3 and has 8. Is lethal.

ANNOUNCER: One and done.

ANNOUNCER: DiVincenzo, 3-pointers are flying. That's the fifth make already for Villanova.

ANNOUNCER: --spots.

ANNOUNCER: See Georgetown making a concerted effort to run Nova off the line, and then you got to deal with that, wide open inside Spellman. Georgetown on the turnover. On the move, Dickerson up and over DiVincenzo, and there to clean it up.

And they foul. Count that basket. Kaleb Johnson running the floor as the trailer.

ANNOUNCER: Think they're out of the play.

ANNOUNCER: Good catch. Booth sends it in to Cosby-Roundtree, and he gets a little turnaround scoop with the right hand. Caught it deep under the basket.

Start, Georgetown is 0 for 7 from behind the arc A lot of that is Blair. Gillespie with the reverse.

ANNOUNCER: And that's just in transition.

ANNOUNCER: Wasn't just the 3-point shooting by Bridges, as DiVincenzo jumps the lane, a pass intended for Govan. Had a mismatch there by DiVincenzo, and running the floor is rewarded. Great pass. Paschall sets him a beautifully.

Boy, he and Brunson move the ball quickly down the floor, and DiVincenzo flying to the basket, now a steal. Bridges again, look out. Later, how about Andrew Rowsey on Senior Day. Goes for 24 for Marquette.

Here's Brunson, lines up a 3. That was good. Soon as it left the hand, it was perfectly lined up on Pickett. Runs into to do a double team.

DiVincenzo, ball fake, going to the hole. Look out, oh, DiVincenzo, two-handed jam going strong.

Clearly a 3, Bridges too strong. Pashcall able to secure it. Bridges again, from the corner. That's his spot.

ANNOUNCER: Eric Paschall.

ANNOUNCER: That's the first "but" that you have in the conversation with Govan. Look out, oh, nice dish from Dickerson as he sets up Antwan Walker.

Playing above the rim, seventh rebound for Govan to go along with his 20 points. And he'll let it go from 3-point range, and the put-back. In the traffic, underneath is Antwan Walker, the freshman.

Dickerson kicks it. Here's Blair from the corner, all right. Blair's hit a couple. Jahvon Blair.

ANNOUNCER: I got to be honest, DA, I think the hardest part for Patrick Ewing is seeing some of the fouls called.

ANNOUNCER: Transition for Villanova, and now Booth going to put up a 3, yes. Sweet stroke-filled Booth. It's their biggest lead. They're trying to stretch it to 21, maybe 22, how about it. Mikal Bridges.

They'll be thrilled to have both of them back, unlikely, maybe one back, Brunson. You never know, but-- Look at the pass.

ANNOUNCER: What an impact.

ANNOUNCER: Brunson could've laid that ball up.

ANNOUNCER: 97-73 winners over the Georgetown Hoyas, an impressive performance in the final game of the regular season.

ANNOUNCER: It was Villanova basketball all the way to the end. This crowd should be very proud of what their team has given to them at home this year.