Oklahoma State completes season sweep of No. 6 Kansas with 82-64 win in Stillwater

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Kendall Smith leads Oklahoma State past Kansas with 25 points and 4 steals.

- A lot of cutting, a lot of moving. They used the high post quite a bit. Right there. Good screen by Sima to get Carroll open. A lot of ties here. He grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma, just about 50 miles down the road. Solomon good shot fake. Nice! Nice!

- Never put on that uniform.

- In the corner. Three ball off the mark. Dziawga from deep! Little too much dribbling from the big man. Mykhailiuk at the other end. First two of the game for Svi Mykhailiuk, who averages 15.6.

- He'd call for the screen to go away. He swung it. And that allowed De Sousa to get himself free at the rim. All done by a great quarterback.

- Smith corner! I think Kendall Smith likes playing against Kansas.

- Is a master of that.

- He is. Is that 16 now or 17?

- That's 17 now.

- They operate really well out of the high post, and they spread you out just like that.

- McGriff. The Cowboys sixth win against the top 25 team. Their fourth win against a top 10 team this season.