Marquette tops Creighton in last game at Bradley Center

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Andrew Rowsey leads Marquette with 26 points in their 85-81 win over Creighton.

- Here comes Ballock. Foster in transition. Nice crossover, explodes to the hoop for the finish!

- And the first pass, [INAUDIBLE].

- Foster able to get out of it. Davion Mintz gets inside, lays one up for the alley-oop for Epperson. Elliott thought about exploding to the hoop, Khyrie Thomas with the quick hands. Here's Thomas for the finish! Khyrie Thomas--

Howard would look for his shot. Here is Howard. A deep 3, got it.

- You called it. Understanding when his running mate is sitting on the pine. Then it's his time.

- The corner is no good for Anim. And here comes Mintz. Mintz, alley-oop for Epperson! That's what they needed. Second time they've done that here the first half. Howard kickout, Rowsey the deep 3, got it. He is just a pure shooter who's got eight points here.

Shot clock down to seven. Howard step-back, that's a two foot on the line. They're going to ask to look back at that one.

Elliott trying to get it to Hauser in the post. Elliott gets it back, on the floor, turnover. Up ahead is Thomas. Here comes Khyrie Thomas with a dunk!

Nobody flashing in the high post here yet for Creighton. Khyrie Thomas knocks down another 3, his third of the half, and he's got 17.

- He's just been incredible. And doing it on both ends of the floor.

- A steal here by Foster will let Khyrie Thomas have the finish. A 12-1 run for the Bluejays, and you--

- On a roll lately. You got to be able to balance the perimeter attack with some different things in the post.

- The alley-oop to Marcus Foster.

Howard. Good crossover. His pull-up. Now 1,002 career points for Markus Howard.

Marcus Foster and Mitch Ballock here for the Bluejays. Howard, the deep 3, contested, doesn't matter. Three-point ball game.

They tipped it back in. Here comes Ballock. Ballock-- nobody stops! The ball goes right to the hoop!

Howard for 3. Just--

- To get out there on those 3s. Kept alive. Markus Howard, pump fake, puts up the 3, got it again! 20 points now for Howard!

A chance for Marquette to take the lead.

- Well you have to find Markus Howard and absolutely cannot step off him.

- Hauser. He's got it! Shot clock down to eight. Howard against Thomas. Step-back, difficult shot. Doesn't matter! He can't miss!

Mintz. Trailer is Thomas. Thomas, get to the corner, Ballock for 3, got it! And Creighton is back on top by one! How about the ball handling right there by Khyrie Thomas. Shot clock down to 10, a deep 3, wow! That was from Green Bay! Rowsey, shot clock at six. Another deep 3. Why not! It's Hegner for Foster. Good pump fake. He puts up the 3. Got it! Three-point ball game.

85-81. The big three come up big, here in the final game ever for Marquette at the Bradley Center.

- Well that was your day, senior day. But it was a game where you guys were really against the wall. Coach Wojciechowski called it a must-win game. What was the difference in the second half for you guys?

- I mean, we knew we had to come out and compete. We came out of the first half a little flat. Our defense wasn't as locked in and as tuned as it needed to be. And we just made those adjustments and came out, and we just hooped the second half.

- You say you just hooped. You got range! I mean, a couple of those were from downtown! Take me through your mindset when you start feeling it like that.

- I mean, I'm locked in the whole game, but, when you catch fire like that, it's like you can throw the ball in the ocean. And for me, when I'm playing out there, when all that stuff is going on, I don't notice how far back I am until the ball is actually in there and I'm like-- it's taking a little bit to get there, so it must be from deep. But I mean it's just what I do.