Providence Wins Final Regular Season Game Against St. John’s at Home

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Providence wins the final game of the regular season at home against St. John's.

COMMENTATOR: --that one down as Simon again, brings it across, working on Diallo. Alibegovic over Bullock, and he hits the 3. And St. John's out in front for the first time in the early-- Simon, with Watson jumping out, finding Owens down low, and he stuffs it home.

COMMENTATOR: --and a great read by Owens who scr--

COMMENTATOR: --bench on Wednesday. We're tied at 12, nearly eight minutes left in this first half here, in Providence. Owens again, from 3, his second of this first half.

COMMENTATOR: --well it started with the dribble penetration, Simon--

COMMENTATOR: --here to go. And here comes White. Diallo slips inside and puts it in.


COMMENTATOR: --a five. Clark, from way out. Clark, nice--


COMMENTATOR: And the steal by Ahmed, who will take it himself and left nothing to doubt there.

COMMENTATOR: Well, that's the concern if you're Ed Cooley, talking to him. St. J--

COMMENTATOR: White, with 3. White leaving for Diallo, who beats the clock with the slam. 7 for Alpha Diallo from 3. The lob inside, but intercepted by Simon, who fell and there is Lindsey to clean it up.

COMMENTATOR: Yeah, that's a tough break for--

COMMENTATOR: Simon, finding Owens.

COMMENTATOR: And that's just great execution, a set play out of a time-- very good around a basket, trying to get himself going.

COMMENTATOR: Clark, now with five and St. John's up by 1 but Cartwright, [INAUDIBLE]. Cartwright, trying to take Simon off the dribble, find's Bullock and Watson is there for the follow.

COMMENTATOR: And he's a great athlete and--

COMMENTATOR: Here's Watson with the offensive rebound. Bullock, now wearing 23 and hits the 3. And [INAUDIBLE] grows to 13. Clark, and hits the 3 over Watson.

COMMENTATOR: He has to get going and Clark knows that.

COMMENTATOR: Simon, working on Lindsey. Down to five, Clark, with 2, lays it up, off the glass, and in.

COMMENTATOR: The catch and rip and [INAUDIBLE] you have the advantage with the bonus, play inside out.

COMMENTATOR: And a mismatch here, Diallo on Cole, Diallo finds Cartwright for 3, and he hits. This would lead them one shy as St. John's hurries it across. Simon, able to close the gap back to 5.

--seconds are going to tick away. Providence comes away with its 19th win of the season. 61-57 over St. John's. Another terrific effort by the Red Storm, an under-manned Red Storm team, but they come up short on senior day here, at Providence. And a terrific performance by all the seniors.