No. 15 Michigan blows out Nebraska to advance to Big Ten tournament semis

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Michigan tops Nebraska 77-58 to advance to the semi finals of the Big Ten tournament where they will face rival Michigan State.

ANNOUNCER: With Michigan and Nebraska, Zavier Simpson, Glynn Watson Junior. Wagner from 3, oh, Wagner's off to a good start.

ANNOUNCER 2: And that is that type of shot that if you get to fall early for Wagner--

ANNOUNCER: Robinson scored 11 yesterday, that's a key bucket, Teske with the ball, Robinson on the move, gives it up to Poole, returns the favor, Michigan in transition, scores.

ANNOUNCER 2: Start to figure things out, start to figure out how you're going to attack, how you're going to defend.

ANNOUNCER: Wagner, it's coupled up and Wagner finishes at the rim. The ball fake and the jam.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wow. It's just a break down. Now, part of that is he's coming from a 3-point line, and there's Mohammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman with hands down, and he just walks into it. But that second chance opportunity kills you, especially when you can't score basketball.

ANNOUNCER: Meanwhile, Nebraska has made once field goal, just one, in the last seven minutes on the game clock. They've missed 19 of 20. Finally, gets one to go, and the first team all big 10, Palmer, with an and one opportunity. In the lone regular season match-up, Nebraska beat Michigan by 20. Good start for the Huskers as Roby gets loose, on a set up from Watson.

Here we go. And Poole, you know where he wants it, kicks it, 3-pointer is up. Abdur-Rahkman hits, nice set up there by Poole.

But still, pick defense from Michigan. Abdur-Rahkman for 3. After a defensive stand by the Wolverines, Abdur-Rahkman delivers another 3.

ANNOUNCER 2: I'm watching the communication on the floor and they are just getting picked apart.

ANNOUNCER: Abdur-Rahkman, got it, another 3. Time out, ten miles, Michigan shooting their way to a 61-42 lead, up 19, as we go to time out.

The Michigan Wolverines, the 5 seed, after a 20 point loss against Nebraska in January, have atoned. Back-to-back wins the first two days, and it's John Beilein's team, making another march, defending their Big Ten tournament title. Impressive win. Big scoring games from Wagner who had 20, and Abdur-Rahkman who scored 21, Wagner with a double-double, with 20 in 13, and Duncan Robinson with 16 points on four main 3-points.