Sean Miller returns as No.19 Arizona claims share of Pac-12 title with win over Stanford

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Sean Miller returns as No.19 Arizona claims share of Pac-12 title with win over Stanford. The Wildcats down the Cardinals 75-67. Allonzo Trier also returned for Arizona scoring 18.

- How does Stanford kind of withstand this crowd and this energy that Arizona is going to bring.

- Allonzo Trier, he is back. And in the scoring column with a triple.

- And there it is. Stanford, now down 5-nothing and--

- Back comes Stanford. Humphrey straight away. Got Ristic off his feet. Got rejected by him.

It starts it the other way for the wild cats. Here is Parker Jackson Cartwright. And now they will get it inside to Ristic. Working on Humphrey. His second bucket.

- I thought a good no-fault let them play early.

- Trier hits a cutting Jackson-Cartwright. Lays it up for Ayton with a chance at three.

- Off and rolling in Tucson.

- How do you ref it?

- Stanford held them to a season-low nine in that first meeting. Oscar to Silva with a high-arcing three, and the triple brings Stanford to within one.

- With no calls there. I like they are letting them play now.

- Wide open is da Silva for Stanford's first lead of the night. And it draws a timeout from Sean Miller.

- Now Sharma to screen. Ristic to [INAUDIBLE], Back inside, Sharma. And he puts it in. Seldom-used Josh Sharma, with a seven-footer off of the bench in the scoring column. Trier with a crossover to get [INAUDIBLE]. The defense quickly collapses. It is Akot for three.

A fall with a contact, five on four for a moment. Trier penetrates and fades-- and gets the roll. Boy, you blink, and Arizona is up by a dozen.

Here's is Ristic, Turning and continuing his monster first half. 15 for Dusan Ristic.

- And his touch. I don't know if there is a big man in this conference that has the skill and the touch as him.

- How is that take for Daejon Davis. Stanford, meanwhile, trying to win its fourth in a row, fighting for position in the Pac 12.

- DeAndre Ayton was so quiet in that first half. Only his second bucket of the game. Ayton, double, hits a cutting Alkins. [INAUDIBLE].

- And if they could get in as an at-large. If the committee would view them as a different team than the one that got off to a slow start.

- I think they would.

- Well, I would say wait for senior day and the [INAUDIBLE].

- There you go.

- That's not with the parents in town.

- Daejon Davis knocks down a three out of the timeout. Eight through a double, and one.

- Leads Stanford. Over the top they go for [INAUDIBLE]. . Beautiful find for a Pinder slam.

- He had the option to throw it over the top.

- For this game. Not a great three-point team. They don't take a lot, don't make a lot.

- Dylan Smith owning this segment.

- He's your guy, Joe.


- We talked about Stanford and their early losses, when they weren't at full strength. Arizona's three losses down in Atlantis-- Wow, Parker Jackson-Cartwright feeling it, and Sean Miller going to call a timeout.

- They may not even be 500 in the--

- Davis anticipates, headed the other way and flushes it down. That leg looking just fine after his knee-to-knee sent him to the bench early.

- It is something quick with Davis. Here he is. How is that? That was terrible defense by Arizona, was it? But it is a good call. I don't know what-- Arizona completely loses sight of Davis.

- That will do it. This wild ride of a week in Tucson culminates with a return of Sean Miller. The return of Allonzo Trier, who scores 18, and finishes with a 75-67 win. Arizona clinches a share of the Pac 12 title, it's fourth over the last five seasons.