No. 4 Villanova survives scare from Seton Hall in OT

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Villanova barely edges Seton Hall 69-68 in a wild Overtime thriller at the Prudential Center.

BILL RAFTERY: --sort of fake starter. But Booth I think will play better, a little more relaxed. The rust is off a little bit.

GUS JOHNSON: Bridges deep, and hits.

DiVincenzo in and out to the bucket. Keeps it alive. Wrapped it around. Gillespie deep, and hits.

BILL RAFTERY: Boy, and they just collapse the D so well. All the heads turn.

Angel on the floor. Gotta get him touches. Got a mismatch on the other side.


BILL RAFTERY: I'd send for a rebounder.

GUS JOHNSON: Finally. What Trenton makes, the world takes.

BILL RAFTERY: I'm just playing with you a little bit.

GUS JOHNSON: Three rebounds for Paschall. Good drive baseline to the bucket and lays it in.

BILL RAFTERY: How about that step though, huh?

Too dangerous to give second possessions to.

GUS JOHNSON: Such a good jumper down there. Brunson to Spellman. Sets his feet.

BILL RAFTERY: Good challenge on the big guy.

GUS JOHNSON: Here's Cale with the Euro to the hole. Off the window and in.

BILL RAFTERY: Boy, nice challenge, huh? Oh, they gonna score early, but they got it.

--Villanova. Little double screen.

GUS JOHNSON: Powell down the lane, double pump off the glass--


GUS JOHNSON: --and in!

BILL RAFTERY: Boy, that's enhanced his play. Mix it up.

GUS JOHNSON: And you mentioned. Nice acknowledgment. Powell from deep. Heat check. He's hot now, folks.

BILL RAFTERY: Tell you what, that kid has some range and confidence.

GUS JOHNSON: Brunson with the step. Looks in the corner. Paschall. Extra pass-- Brunson. Loose. DiVincenzo saves it from going out of bounds to Cale. He gets it to Carrington. To the bucket off the window softly and in! Here come the Pirates! Down by 1.

Sanogo driving. Carrington picked it up. The fade-- and good!

BILL RAFTERY: Woo! That little hometown bounce.

GUS JOHNSON: And Seton Hall has the lead.


BILL RAFTERY: He can elevate too over here. The little jump hook.

GUS JOHNSON: Cut off on the baseline by Mamukelashvili. They swing it. 4 to shoot. Baseline, Brunson has to fire.

BILL RAFTERY: Look at this hustle by Bridges.

GUS JOHNSON: And Spellman somehow holds on. As Bridges gobbled it up, takes the J, and hits.

BILL RAFTERY: Oh, big time play by a big time player.

GUS JOHNSON: You said it, coach.


--end of a game.

GUS JOHNSON: Spellman-- big shot. And the rebound to Carrington. Carrington to the hole, up and in!

BILL RAFTERY: And avoids the charge more importantly with that sidestep.

GUS JOHNSON: Baseline, Powell wraps it around up and in.

BILL RAFTERY: How about Nzei again?

GUS JOHNSON: And Paschall's hurt. He couldn't make it down to the other end of the floor.

BILL RAFTERY: I think it's either Brunson or Bridges at some point.

GUS JOHNSON: Brunson back it up, drives, fades, got it!

BILL RAFTERY: Big time. This kid-- he was out of his game, out of sorts most of the night.

GUS JOHNSON: Jalen Brunson with the last 6 for Villanova.

BILL RAFTERY: Nice deflection-- the length.

GUS JOHNSON: And Bridges with the steal, to the hole, and good!

BILL RAFTERY: All the length.

GUS JOHNSON: That's what they love about him. 52-49. And a timeout called by Seton Hall.

BILL RAFTERY: You can't make a mistake against Villanova. So many playmakers.

GUS JOHNSON: Carrington-- 14-- drive with the left hand. Blocked, but he's fouled!


GUS JOHNSON: By Bridges. With 11.6 to go.

BILL RAFTERY: Well, you've gotta jump that left hand.

GUS JOHNSON: And he gets the second. We're level at 52. Brunson-- 11 seconds.


GUS JOHNSON: And he calls a timeout with 9.1 to go.

BILL RAFTERY: Pretty good defense too by Seton Hall there. They are resolved.

GUS JOHNSON: Here's Brunson 5 to go. Crosses over. Up top, DiVincenzo-- short. And we're going to overtime.

BILL RAFTERY: What a job by that guy right there, Kevin Willard. The zone took away the dribble-drive opportunities to collapse your defense. Force a real deep jack.

GUS JOHNSON: A minute into overtime. Brunson up top. Booth-- big time jumper.

BILL RAFTERY: They are not afraid to drill shots.

Good switch. You want to keep him in front of you now.

GUS JOHNSON: 10 to shoot. Brunson dips inside. Holy mackerel boogie.

BILL RAFTERY: Get the janitor out. A little lingerie on the deck.

He's free.

GUS JOHNSON: In the corner, Powell drives, hangs, double clutch. Count it, and the foul! Wow!


GUS JOHNSON: With 14.4 to go.

BILL RAFTERY: All because you couldn't get the ball inbounds. And right here, just this dribble drive. He got a piece of the shoulder with the slide by. I'm sure the officials are letting that particular play go. He made this move. Boy, that was a pretty good defensive stance, I thought. Wow.

GUS JOHNSON: Here's Carrington. 4 seconds. Carrington crosses over for 3.

BILL RAFTERY: But before-- the foul. They got it. And a good call. And a good play and a smart play by Bridges.

GUS JOHNSON: And he missed it on purpose. No, it goes in. He tried to miss it.

BILL RAFTERY: Yeah. You gotta really rehearse that. Again, the 5 seconds. Just deny. Oh, there it is.

GUS JOHNSON: And Paschall catches the inbounds pass. And Villanova survives. 69-68, the final. Coach Willard, Coach Wright shake hands.

- I'm going to sense you're going to work on some inbound plays tomorrow. But tell me about Jalen Brunson and where he was maybe for the first three quarters of the game. And then what happened at the end of regulation and overtime?

- That was an old-fashioned Big East rock fight, man. That was just everybody in everybody's face, and nobody can make a shot. And I'm proud of the guys' resilience, man. Because we had great shots and just couldn't make them. And we just kept battling, and especially Jalen. He had good shots he missed. But down the stretch, he had the guts to still take them.

INTERVIEWER: The only guy that could make a shot tonight was Mikal Bridges. But you guys haven't lost back-to-back games in five years, coach. And Jalen Brunson made sure of that tonight. Mikal hit some big shots as well. How is it possible that you guys always bounce back?

JAY WRIGHT: I don't know. You know what-- good players. It always takes good players, right? But they have great attitudes, man. They're really confident kids. They're intelligent. You know, they don't get down after a loss. They come back and try to improve. And they know even after this win, we've got a lot of work to do.

- As bad as it was offensively, let's give your defense some credit, right?

- Especially for us.

- You guys took Angel Delgado completely out of this game. You guys made Khadeen Carrington work for everything he did. How did you-- were you pleased with your defensive effort?

- I was. I was. And we have not been playing good defense. Omari Spellman was awesome on Delgado. And I hope that's the last time we see Delgado. It seems like he's been there for eight years. But he's so tough inside. And for a freshman like Omari to play him like that, that was big time. We had some good help from the perimeter on him. I was proud of our defense.

- You said you had things to work on. What are they as you head into your conclusion, Georgetown Saturday?

- Still defense. Obviously our execution, end of game situations. We got a lot of games where we had big leads, and we weren't in these situations. And we didn't execute well at Creighton at the end of the game. We didn't execute well here. So we still got a lot of young guys out there, and these games are a great experience for them.

- Real quick, what's the message in the locker room to them?

- A great attitude. We're an attitude program. Just everything went wrong, you know, not making shots, struggling all night. And just sticking to it and grinding it out. We like winning games like that better than making all our shots.

- Coach Wright, we appreciate the time.

- Thanks.

- We'll see you next week, and we'll see you next week at Madison Square Garden. Jay Wright and Villanova survive.