No. 3 Xavier clinches share of Big East regular season title with 84-74 win over Providence

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Xavier locked up a share of the Big East regular season title with a 84-74 win over Providence.


ANNOUNCER 1: Macura handled by Alpha Diallo. Bluiett with a 3-ball. Now if he gets out of the gates quickly, look out.

ANNOUNCER 2: --him to dump it down inside and he can make some plays. And it's benefited not only him, but more importantly, his team as another post threat inside.

ANNOUNCER 1: This time working on Bullock, goes to the left hand. Wow, talk about versatility.

Only five to shoot. Kaiser Gates-- boy, what a gear he shifted into.

ANNOUNCER 2: And maybe for Kaiser, the shot clock needs to go down more often.

ANNOUNCER 1: --on this game, felt good about the matchups. But so far, his team has not been protecting the ball. Diallo. Oh, the iron kind with a little help from the window pane.

ANNOUNCER 2: They have to be able to close down those little passing lanes and gaps right here to the free throw line. Good steal here.

ANNOUNCER 1: Cartwright on the other end. So he is a tough matchup.

ANNOUNCER 2: Bullock has his work cut out to box out Tyrique Jones when it goes up. Underneath.

ANNOUNCER 1: Goodin on the switch takes Bullock downtown. He recognized the switch right away and took advantage with his quickness.

ANNOUNCER 2: Swing it, continue to run your offense, and get something else.

ANNOUNCER 1: Macura has his pocket picked by Cartwright. Kyron all the way. Goes to the right hand and right around the cylinder and in. And he's got 6 and--

Marshall just ran too far. Ran past the goal. Inside, Jackson, and a follow by Watson.

ANNOUNCER 2: The quick pass up.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, good time for him to get on track before the postseason begins. Oh, beautiful rejection, but a foul to go with it as Tyrique Jones made his move to slap that one away.

ANNOUNCER 2: Get yourself back in the game. Get some confidence going into the locker room. Another steal right here, an opportunity for Providence in transition.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hands of Velcro from Cartwright. And then on the other end, count it and 1. That foul goes against Naji Marshall. Well, the bench points are mounting for Providence.


ANNOUNCER 2: You got that right.

ANNOUNCER 1: Which was the problem in the opening 10 minutes. Bluiett-- nice slip by Jones. And a great find by Trevon.

--equalizer for the loss of Bullock, who left with five minutes remaining when he picked up his third foul.

ANNOUNCER 2: How big would a basket be right here from Providence to cut this lead down to 3?

ANNOUNCER 1: A leaner, and it does go at the buzzer for Ashton-Langford.


ANNOUNCER 1: And I mean, I'm absolutely amazed that it's a 3-point game.

--by the way, playing in foul difficulty as well and he turns it over. Here comes Naji Marshall to Macura.

--his pocket picked right away. Turnovers to open the half. Goodin finds Bluiett. Hello! How do you do?

By the way, if you're wondering why Ed Cooley chose not to use timeouts during that 10-0 run, he used a lot early. Scruggs with a wrap-around to O'Mara! That bucket was Reynolds wrapped by Scruggs.

Alpha Diallo's up to 11 points. Above his average. Here's Gates with a baseline blast. 61-51.

--controls possession here. It's got to go up quickly for Diallo. Oh!

ANNOUNCER 2: Too easy.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's an Alpha deuce off the window, and a big time find.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well scouted. 123 zone defense again, ball in the middle, opens it up.

ANNOUNCER 1: That 3-ball falls for Naji Marshall.

ANNOUNCER 2: Right in the middle again. O'Mara didn't have the official look.

--lived up to it, but JP is a guy that surprised I think everybody, like that backdoor cut.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, and Diallo--

ANNOUNCER 2: From Diallo to White.

- --with a perfect dime. Yes sir.

ANNOUNCER 2: Able to get it in, but--


ANNOUNCER 1: At the end of the first half, that's true.


ANNOUNCER 1: On a steal by White. How about that? 71-63-- they just won't go away.

--by Ashton-Langford. Quickly out to White. Jackson, strong move on the baseline as though he were shot out of a cannon.

ANNOUNCER 2: And that's what he did last year to advance all the way in NCAA tournament.

ANNOUNCER 1: Absolutely. Bluiett-- an emphatic and authoritative dunk for the second all-time leading scorer--

They get their piece of the pie, a Big East championship in the regular season. Chris Mack's got one to go along with those A-10 titles, now a Big East. Xavier wins it by 10.