Marquette’s hot shooting from deep leads them past Georgetown in OT

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Marquette hit 18 of 31 shots from 3 in their OT win over Georgetown.

ANNOUNCER 1: Georgetown looking for their first points. Johnson, stolen away. This is Howard, doesn't have numbers. Anim, Rowsey, Howard, got it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, if I'm Pat Ewing, obviously I'm calling a timeout, because I'm not happy with the start, and I'm not happy with my perimeter defense. Three wide open jumpers, Marquette off to a good lead.

ANNOUNCER 1: In the backcourt, Derrickson a one-handed catch, a left-handed hook, missed it. Mulmore penetrates. Govan kicks, Pickett's got it! Good work by Georgetown, a 2 point game.

ANNOUNCER 2: This is where Marquette's dangerous, in transition.

ANNOUNCER 1: Transition 3 from Hauser, who's red hot here in DC.

ANNOUNCER 2: And Cain just right place at the right time.

ANNOUNCER 1: Govan doesn't shoot for 3 much, but he can hit there.

Shot clock is down Cain goes to work. He lost it. Govan comes up with it, and here comes Georgetown up the floor. Dickerson, this is Govan, trail 3, and the big man has hit two of those.

This is Blair, Pickett's back in. Jamorko, a wild shot, and it goes in.

ANNOUNCER 2: Nice touch by the freshman, who's--

That's why the game is never over when you have a team like this.

ANNOUNCER 1: Mulmore, he got it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Mulmore has something to say to Rowsey.

ANNOUNCER 1: Pickett, Govan's hit two, but he misses that 3. Heldt fires it out. Here comes Rowsey, final seconds, deep 3, got it!


How 'bout that? Guess who has the last word in that dialogue.

ANNOUNCER 2: You can't hand check the offensive player.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rowsey's loose, and he bangs home a 3. No, it's a 2, foot was on.

Rowsey finds Hauser for 3, yes. Here comes Marquette, ties it at 56.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, they spread you out, and then they get that spacing.

ANNOUNCER 1: Harry Froling was 2 of 16 from distance before that 3. Blair's 3, got it. He's fouled, a shot at a 4 point play.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's a big time--

ANNOUNCER 1: --to Matt Heldt and Theo John. And he's got 6 points and a steal there. Howard got a hand on it, Rowsey in transition. Hauser's 3, yes, and Marquette, an avalanche of 3s here in Washington, DC.


Takes the 3, hits the 3, Trey Dickerson! Georgetown back on top by a point. Pick and roll, Hauser 3, yes! Marquette executing and Hauser burying that 3. He's got 26.

Rowsey, shot clock at 7, game clock at 9. Hauser, shot clock running down, Hauser starts, stops, jumper, got it! Baseline jumper, 3.5 left. This is Mulmore, gets it up and good, and ties it! Right at the buzzer, they will look at the video.

ANNOUNCER 2: And it looked good.

ANNOUNCER 1: Careful not to charge and pick up the fifth. Big man playing a two-man game, and Derrickson goes in and scores with the left hand.

Hauser against Derrickson, off the double, Rowsey launches, hits a 3! And a 2 point lead for Marquette.

ANNOUNCER 2: Unbelievable.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hauser screen, Rowsey drives, jumper on the way, hit another one! Andrew Rowsey, Marquette by 2, 34 seconds left.

Derrickson squaring, spinning, Marcus Derrickson into the lane, got it up. And a rebound to Marquette, Heldt, the rebound with 11 seconds left.

Marcus Derrickson had it hang on the rim.

ANNOUNCER 2: --in terms of determining the outcome of this game.


ANNOUNCER 1: Derrickson misses a 3, and Marquette survives. They come to DC and in overtime, Steve Wojciechowski and the Golden Eagles win this ballgame, 90 to 86.