No. 9 Purdue finishes regular season with 84-60 rout of Minnesota

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Purdue's Seniors set a school record for most home wins in a 4 year span.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, Murphy had the mismatch.

ANNOUNCER 2: He sure did.

ANNOUNCER 1: And they try to go back to him Edwards, his second steal. Carsen Edwards trying to get it to Vincent Edwards. Kick out, Mathias for three. Got it.

ANNOUNCER 2: In that three-game slide, supposedly they weren't playing well, but they were never blown out, Justin.

ANNOUNCER 1: Right. Open, nice cut. Matt Haarms, easy dunk.

ANNOUNCER 2: Dakota Mathias for three.

- [INAUDIBLE] Another one. Eight points for Dakota Mathias.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nate Mason, shot clock down to eight. Murphy. Shot clock at three. Washington's pull-up in the paint. Got it and the foul. And the foul will be called against P.J. Thompson

Mason pulls up a deep three, knocks it down. And a time-out taken here by Purdue. A 10-0 run by Minnesota.

ANNOUNCER 2: It will be interesting to see how aggressive Thompson is on the defensive end.

ANNOUNCER 1: Speaking of aggressive, there is Carsen Edwards taking the three. 10 points now for Carsen Edwards.

ANNOUNCER 2: A young man who was able to take his talents after the NBA, overseas. And do quite well.

ANNOUNCER 1: Mason fading away. Puts up an air ball. Here is Mathias, looking ahead for Carsen Edwards. Edwards pulls up for three. Got it.

ANNOUNCER 2: So Purdue and Mathias takes advantage.

ANNOUNCER 1: Edwards, a bounce pass for Vincent Edwards. He knocks down the three.

A chance to pick up their 100th career win, and a chance to become the winningest class all time here at Mackey arena. Mathias.

ANNOUNCER 2: Again, are you kidding me?

ANNOUNCER 1: Also wore number 24.

ANNOUNCER 2: Man, I'm going back to Sanford and Son.

ANNOUNCER 1: Uh-oh. It's Haas.

ANNOUNCER 2: I'm telling you, man, these guys are having too much fun on this floor today, smiling.

ANNOUNCER 1: Their first meeting was 81-47 Purdue. This time it will be 84-60. And the seniors get their 100th win. And their 62nd home win. A new record here at Mackey Arena.

- Coach, you guys got a spirited effort from Minnesota. What did you say at half-time that allowed you guys to come out and have so much success?

- Well, obviously we knocked down some shots. We just tried to make it a little bit harder on them. Not let Murphy get the ball in the post. Not like Nate Mason get away from us. But I thought our guys made some shots and really built on it. And then we got some stops on the defensive end and got in transition.

- I know you haven't had much time to reflect on it, the winningest senior group here on this floor. They got 100 wins. What can you say about those four seniors?

- Oh, they have been great. You know, they have made their hard work fun. And that is what you want, guys that enjoy basketball, that are competitive. Come to Purdue to get an education. Just a great group of guys.

- Well, Coach, congratulations on the victory. Go enjoy it with them.

- Thank you.