No. 8 Kansas clinches 14th consecutive Big 12 title with 74-72 win over No. 6 Texas Tech

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Devonte Graham's 26 points leads Kansas past Texas Tech for their 14th straight Big 12 title.

- Into the game now, an excellent shooter. He can pull Azubuike away from the rim. And so far, Texas Tech has not run good offense. They learned motion offense. It's Bob Knight's motion. And they have not gotten good shots.

- Azubuike discards Hamilton. And it's 8-0 Jayhawks.

- Couldn't tell whether Hamilton just slipped there. Hamilton's a transfer from DePaul, and an outstanding perimeter shooter, guy that can really stretch the floor.

- [INAUDIBLE] the freshman guarding Graham, whips a pass inside to Vick and gets it right back. First you get the cut, then you get the ball screen. Azubuike kicks it back out.

- What a fake.

- Lob. Slam!

- What a fake by Devonte Graham.

- Now the big fella gets a t ouch.

- He's going to go right into his chest, here comes the double. otherwise, he would've gone right into his chest.

- Gamble by Smith, and Garrett makes him pay!

- What a great play by Marcus Garrett.

- [INAUDIBLE] Evans. Yes!

- Getting good shots. That shot by Vick was not a good shot a couple possessions ago.

- Two three zone. Francis for three. Now here's Smith in the middle. That has been a very good option. He can be a playmaker in there, and then look baseline and look opposite. Francis. [INAUDIBLE] Ball on a string. Drives. Forces up a player, that goes!

- Are you kidding me? What a play!

- But perhaps a big 12 player of the year winning shot.