Creighton upsets No. 3 Villanova 89-83 in OT

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Marcus Foster's 28 points help Creighton pull off the upset over Villanova in Overtime.

TIM BRANDO: Rejected by Mintz. Khyri. Well, he has been spot on.

Brunson's so good at posting up other guards. Uses that strength.

JIM JACKSON: Yeah, but Khyri Thomas is a little different player. But guess what-- great D, better O on that one.

TIM BRANDO: --Vincenzo can't get it to go. That ended, by the way, that bucket, a 7-0 run. Thomas. Hello, how do you do? Timeout, Villanova.

JIM JACKSON: I mean, just does everything. I think he's more athletic than Aaron was, but the same kind of makeup. Can beat you so many different ways.

TIM BRANDO: Bridges.

JIM JACKSON: --kind of go through a little bit. And then he, with the inside pivot, exploded right to the basket.

TIM BRANDO: Oh! The lefty finger roll off the glass, and 1.

Foster falling away. That's the seventh lead change of the afternoon.

Another turnover. Numbers-- Davion-- oh yes, and 1!

JIM JACKSON: --more than 4 points.

TIM BRANDO: Brunson-- oh, that is vintage. Vintage Jalen Brunson.

JIM JACKSON: --second half.

TIM BRANDO: Nice pass. A Sunday-best dish in to Foster, who electrically attacked the tin. He's got 11. Paschall. Hoo! Move over. It's hammer time.

Here we go. Step-back 3. Yes! At the buzzer.

Mintz for 3.

JIM JACKSON: --John's has it on campus-- Georgetown. But their big venues are off campus. And what a crowd, man.

TIM BRANDO: Bridges, yes, and 1. Boy, that's a big time shot by a big time talent.

JIM JACKSON: Epperson has a little mismatch inside.

TIM BRANDO: Foster rattles it home. And he's feeling it. Absolutely feeling it.

This kid turned his life around upon his transfer from Kansas State. Paschall back in the game with three. Epperson on the alley-oop! The Aussie says, g'day, mate.

Ballock end to end to Epperson again. This kid is coming out of his shell.

DiVincenzo on the other end. Just like that. Just like that, we're tied at 58.

JIM JACKSON: Yeah, the trailer in transition. That--

TIM BRANDO: --played today.

JIM JACKSON: Well, how about him keeping himself in top condition throughout the year not playing a lot of those minutes like that?

TIM BRANDO: Brunson posted up.

JIM JACKSON: --other four teams that have done that in the past, Tim, have all gone on to the Final Four. So rare air here. Oh.

TIM BRANDO: Oh! Epperson again. You gotta get him him the rock near the rim.


JIM JACKSON: I told you, you knew he would be a big factor coming down the stretch of the game.

Good teams figure out ways to get extra possessions.

TIM BRANDO: Brunson-- count it, and a foul on Epperson.

JIM JACKSON: Pick and roll coming here, Tim.

TIM BRANDO: Gotta try to win with your best. Ballock wide open. Hello, how do you do? The Bluejays are being heard from. Timeout, Villanova.

--chooses not to use it.

JIM JACKSON: But he wants his team to push it after this make. He's going right at it.

TIM BRANDO: 72 all. This possession is--

JIM JACKSON: Clear out.

TIM BRANDO: --for the win. And a clear out. Foster rejected! We are going to overtime.


TIM BRANDO: Ballock ooping. There he is.

JIM JACKSON: How about the patience that time of--

--implications on this is tremendous.

TIM BRANDO: Mintz got away. Nice pass to Ballock!

They waited for a long time after that Xavier loss on a controversial play. But today, it doesn't come down to that. The Creighton Bluejays get that much-needed signature win in overtime, 89-83.