Edwards carries Purdue past Illinois with career-high 40 points

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Carsen Edwards hit 11 of 19 shots, including 4 of 8 from deep, for 40 points in their win over Illinois.

BILL RAFTERY: high Ball screen. Wow, is that deep?

TIM BRANDO: Ooh, was it ever. Oh, look out.

BILL RAFTERY: And effective.

TIM BRANDO: 15 to 13, Illini by 2.

BILL RAFTERY: Nice. Jumped the passing lane.

TIM BRANDO: Jordan, end to end, yes, and 1. Cline-- the foul.

BILL RAFTERY: Well, if you can't contain the dribble, you're going to have trouble with your man-to-man defense. Again, nice little lob play they love to run.

TIM BRANDO: Oh, beautiful alley-oop, Kipper.

BILL RAFTERY: Black's activity, set it up.

TIM BRANDO: And here comes another opportunity off the steal for Edwards. How about that lift.

BILL RAFTERY: That kid is something.

A little late on the cover. Tough shot. Nice slap. They do it great, that slap back.

TIM BRANDO: Yeah, they do. And with that size, Haas will do it often. And that's just a drill by Carsen Edwards, and heartache for Brad Underwood.

BILL RAFTERY: Do you give Haas an assist? Why not, right?

TIM BRANDO: You should.

--played the role of facilitator. He's too good not to score in the half.

BILL RAFTERY: Yeah, he's had a great year. This kid can shoot it.

TIM BRANDO: That's Finke.

BILL RAFTERY: And that's Haas, a little delinquent. And they're looking to churn it up, get another stop.

TIM BRANDO: That ball was kicked. They got away with it.

BILL RAFTERY: It was thrown on the foot, though.

TIM BRANDO: Yeah. Black gets it on the other end. That's a good point.

BILL RAFTERY: And that's where you can't turn it over against this team.

Get in position, denying-- look at this. Play the passing lane. Frazier likes to pull up.

TIM BRANDO: Three on two.

BILL RAFTERY: How about that.

TIM BRANDO: A solo. Ring it up. Up goes Frazier. Up goes Frazier.

Wide open, there's Cline.

BILL RAFTERY: How about that. They've got some shooters, different look--

Somebody get to the free throw line. He's just-- tough to move him. Here we go.


BILL RAFTERY: Taking advantage.

TIM BRANDO: Hammer time. Pick them up and put them down.

I don't think he's heard of the term, Leron Black, outmanned.

BILL RAFTERY: No, not at all. Nice cross.

TIM BRANDO: What a blow by. What a blow by.

BILL RAFTERY: Goodness! And then the stare down.

Pretty solid back court.

TIM BRANDO: Mathias wide open for the trey. Count it.

BILL RAFTERY: Oh boy. Poise on defense.

A game effort, but again, the frustration for Brad and this program. They just compete. Just have not enough guns, maybe.

TIM BRANDO: Enjoy March, my friend.

BILL RAFTERY: I look forward to it. Thanks.

TIM BRANDO: It's going to be a lot of fun coming up. 40 points, last time that happened, Glenn Robinson, March 24, in the tournament against Kansas. And Carsen Edwards goes for 40 tonight, and Brad Underwood gives him, and extends to him great congratulations, as he should.