Marquette catches fire from deep in 85-73 win over St. John’s

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Marquette hit 13 of 24 shots from deep in their win over St. John's

ANNOUNCER 1: Simon and Ponds working in tandem very nicely. Two sophomores as Heldt had it go off his body. Owens with the left hand. Couldn't go. Heldt with the rebound. Right place, right time for Matt Heldt. He didn't see it but it worked. There's Rowsey. Fires away from 3, and a timeout called by St. John's.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's just bad-- that's just bad defensive transition pick-up.

ANNOUNCER 1: Elliott trying to go baseline. Right to Theo John! A beautiful pass as he was going to the ground. That's where this team is at its best, when they can run, get transition 3's. There's the alley-oop, my goodness! Justin Simon on a beautiful feed.


ANNOUNCER 1: There comes the double on Rowsey, stolen away by Clark. Backhand pass. It's Simon with a reverse lay-up. That was beautiful.

ANNOUNCER 2: Are we in New York right now? Are we at Rucker Park?

But what Anim has to do is make each attempt difficult. And he's been doing that.

ANNOUNCER 1: There goes Anim, finds Hauser wide open. Sam Hauser fills it up!

ANNOUNCER 2: Jeff, I just have to say, Jeff-- --coming off the bench and providing offense that's big for this Red Storm team.

ANNOUNCER 1: Knocks down 3's at 33%. There's Rowsey answers on the other end.

ANNOUNCER 2: Jeff, do you know why these guys are making shots like they're making right now?

ANNOUNCER 1: 20 or more turnovers eight different types this year.

ANNOUNCER 2: They get eight plus steals a game. Very active using their hands.

ANNOUNCER 1: Alley-oop! What a feed! Anim to Elliott!

ANNOUNCER 2: Knocking down 3's and you saw him, Jeff, playing way above the rim on the lob dunk.

ANNOUNCER 1: Steals, assists tonight. Rebounds. In double figures in scoring as well, one of five Golden Eagles. Rowsey! Come on! It's Rowsey time now.

ANNOUNCER 2: I've seen this movie before.

ANNOUNCER 1: And the Golden Eagles are going to run this one out. It's going to end up being a 12 point win for Marquette. in a game they had to have. To have their NCAA tournament hopes still alive, Wojo and the Golden Eagles got it done.

ANNOUNCER 2: They got it done. They put it all together. Defense, passing, knocking down shots. And most importantly, the freshmen stepped up in the absence of Markus Howard.