No. 1 Virginia clinches share of ACC title with 65-54 win over Georgia Tech

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Ty Jerome's 18 points and 5 assists helps lead Virginia to a 65-54 win over Georgia Tech.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hall finds Salt. Playing through a lot of contact there, takes the bump from Cole, the bucket, and the foul.

Lammers, he has got 9 of the 19 for the Yellow Jackets.

ANNOUNCER 2: Nice give.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jackson, into a 3. And he gets it to swirl home.

Hall from three. Got it. 46% from beyond the arc. He is a threat wherever he goes.

Ty Jerome, baseline, corner to corner. Hunter frees some space--

ANNOUNCER 2: Nice pass.

ANNOUNCER 1: --and sends it underneath. A slam from Diakite.

ANNOUNCER 2: But I still think for them to win this game, Okogie has got to get involved on the offense.

ANNOUNCER 1: Alston sent it to the top of the key, right into the arms of Hunter. Jerome wide open. Gets that one every time.

As you mentioned to me the last timeout, they've locked him down, no matter where he has roamed on the floor.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, Hall has been up in his face. They have had Ty Jerome in his face. He has just not been able to get any wiggle room on the offensive end.

ANNOUNCER 1: He's lethal from 3. Jerome does it again, and it is 63-51.

The Cavaliers comfortably dribble into a shot clock violation. They will improve to 25 and 2, 14 and 1 in the ACC.