No. 4 Xavier overwhelms Georgetown 89-77

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Xavier defeats Georgetown 89-77, despite Trevon Bluiett going only 1 for 10 from the field.

ANNOUNCER 1: You don't have to think about running any plays. Give it to your athlete, let him go to work.

ANNOUNCER 2: There's Pickett again. Same spot, same result. Jamorko Pickett is on fire. Three 3's.

ANNOUNCER 1: To me, what's coming to mind is close outs. You got to close out on jump shooters.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, Macura, to the rim again, and Macura with 10 straight for Xavier.

Dickerson will walk it up the floor. He will launch a deep 3, and he'll hit. Trey Dickerson picking up where he left off last Tuesday.

Quentin Goodin is back in there. Trevon Bluiett can't get it to go. Rebound pulled free and taken away. Naji Marshall gets it back from Macura, the 3, up and down.


ANNOUNCER 2: Naji Marshall, what a spark for Xavier.

ANNOUNCER 1: And Jessie Govan, high pick and roll.

ANNOUNCER 2: There is Mulmore. Two on the shot clock. Pickett has to heave one, and it is good. Pickett from the corner, with the shot clock going off.

Nine to shoot, Goodin around another O'Mara screen. Finds Gates in the corner. That 3 an air ball caught by Govan. Long pass ahead to Mulmore, Mulmore on the attack. The skip out to the right side, and Jamorko Pickett for 3. Who needs left corner for Pickett? He can hit it anywhere.

Dickerson stops, fires from 3. Rebound Scruggs, Xavier quick attack.

ANNOUNCER 1: Think Patrick Ewing would like to see them get those shots after he gets a touch down low. But transition continuing to hurt Georgetown.

ANNOUNCER 2: Goodin trapped in the corner. Trevon Bluiett back out there with four fouls. Here is Goodin. Macura the deep 3. It is good for Macura. He has got 18.

Dickerson will set up the offense. Working against Macura. Dickerson inside, the dish out into the corner. The 2 will not go for Blair. Offensive rebound, lost underneath. Scooped up by O'Mara. Looking to push is Goodin, Quentin Goodin. Weaving to the rim.


ANNOUNCER 2: Count it. And the foul.

Remember, Govan still on the bench with those four fouls.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, well, you look at that score. Down 11 and only 4:18. I would say he's got to be the next guy in.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, what a 3 from Naji Marshall. Two gut punches from Xavier on the last two possessions to open up a 14-point lead.

ANNOUNCER 1: What else can you say, [INAUDIBLE]? They're just that good.

Well, well fought, both sides. But Xavier shows why they are one of the best teams in all of the land. They withstood everything Georgetown had, but there is a lot of upside to the Hoyas.

ANNOUNCER 2: And a terrific performance on the road for Chris Mack's squad, as they get the win tonight. 89-77 the final. Xavier now 25 and 4, and 13 and 3 in the Big East--