Seton Hall and Providence suspended due to unsafe playing conditions

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Seton Hall and Providence suspended due to unsafe playing conditions. Seton Hall held a 56-47 lead at the time of the suspension. They will resume play on Thursday from Providence's Alumni Hall.

ANNOUNCER 1: Return here for Providence. 8-8 game. Here's Kyron Cartwright. He'll run it along the baseline, able to put it in. Give Providence the lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's the only guy that can really create shots for his teammates.

ANNOUNCER 1: Diallo doesn't like to shot from the outside.


He pulls up, hits the free throw line jumper, and gets the foul.

ANNOUNCER 2: Froze the defense and he just gets to his strong hand and finished.

ANNOUNCER 1: There's Diallo, just an 18% 3-point shooter, knocking down the 3.

Cale hangs off the glass, gets the roll.

ANNOUNCER 2: Nice move by Cale, the athleticism.

ANNOUNCER 1: Makai Ashton-Langford on the baseline, kick out, there is Lindsey. They lost him. And he gets the roll for the 3. So that's exactly what Kevin Willard was talking about.

Delgado with good position. Kick out, open 3 for Carrington. Knocks it down, and a timeout taken right away here by Ed Cooley.

ANNOUNCER 2: When they get paint touches, particularly when Delgado touches it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rodriguez left open for three and knocks it down. And now Seton Hall leads by three. Providence was outscored by six. Isaiah Jackson for three, hits it off the assist by Kyron Cartwright. Cale underneath here for Delgado against Watson. Delgado gets the roll.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's just the senior taking a rookie to school. Carrington loses sight. White finishes in the paint.

ANNOUNCER 1: Delgado, one on one again. Oh, that was pretty. And he's smiling. He loved it. Cartwright, five seconds to go. Against Sanogo. Two seconds, Cartwright puts it up. Got it and the foul with 0.5 of a second left.

ANNOUNCER 2: When he's an aggressive scoring point guard, not just a passer.

ANNOUNCER 1: Powell for three again, back to back threes for Myles Powell, who's got 10 now.

ANNOUNCER 2: After the push, he's very good at controlling tempo off the miss.

ANNOUNCER 1: And this time he gets it swatted by Rodney Bullock. Crowd here at the Dunkin' Donuts Center comes to life. Delgado able to put it in and silence the crowd.

ANNOUNCER 2: Nice high-low action.

ANNOUNCER 1: Zone here for Providence. Delgado in the middle, draws the contact, gets it to go. Wow.

ANNOUNCER 2: How about that? I mean that is just incredible. The concentration, the body control.

OFFICIAL: This game's being suspended. The league office will determine when to finish the game.

ANNOUNCER 1: All right so here is the situation . As we've been talking about, because of the heat outside, the condensation from the ice, the officials, the coaches have all got together. They have deemed the playing surface to be unsafe playing conditions.

The game is now being suspended. It is not over. It is being suspended at the 13:03 mark. 56-47. The league, the Big East, will now make a decision on when to resume this game.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yup. It's the right call. I mean, we watched it, Justin. I mean, there's three guys that have fallen with no contact. And ultimately, the safety of the players is the utmost concern.