Wisconsin’s late surge lifts the Badgers past Minnesota in overtime.

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Wisconsin's late surge lifts the Badgers past Minnesota in overtime. The Badgers close the game on a 22-5. Wisconsin improves to 13-16 on the season.

ANNOUNCER 1: And nine to shoot for the Gophers. Mason trying to go on Iverson There's Nate Mason, the senior.

ANNOUNCER 2: Good take.

ANNOUNCER 1: Good double on Murphy. And Hurt fires away from three, and Michael Hurt ties up the ballgame.

ANNOUNCER 2: Good execution by the Gophers.

ANNOUNCER 1: 7-0 run right now by the Gophers. See how long, as Davis and the rainbow three. That one falls through. Wisconsin back out in front. Underneath, Murphy trying to get around Happ. He slams it over the top of Ethan Happ. Jordan Murphy.

Four to shoot, Davison knocks down another three. And Davison leading the way with 14. Wide open look, Aleem Ford won't miss that too many times.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's what he does well. Playing the math, or the probabilities that are in your favor.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ability to shoot the three tonight has been the difference, as Nate Mason knocks down the jumper over the top of Iverson.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's playing with purpose and intelligence, using his basketball moxie to help this team compete.

ANNOUNCER 1: Pritzl knocks down the triple. Largest lead of the game for the Badgers. Here come the Gophers after a turnover, just the fourth for Wisconsin. Mason, deep three. Rattled it in, just over the top of Khalil Iverson to get it tied again.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well that's big.

ANNOUNCER 1: No points, no rebounds for Ethan Happ. Two fouls, two assists. Time winding down, Ruevers is going to have to go. Got it stripped away again. Washington, nice move past Pritzl to give the Gophers the lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: Keep in mind, this is happening with Happ.

ANNOUNCER 1: Up by 2. Davison, deep three. Tip out, Brevin Pritzl knocks it down, and that's how the first half will end. Brevin Pritzl with eight first half points. Here's Nate Mason, short on his first shot of the second half. Followed his own shot, gives it up. Konate. High percentage from Bakary.

Happ going at Konate with the left hand, and finally Ethan Happ in the score column. Happ draws the double, good ball movement by the Badgers. There's Davison. Knocks down another triple. Davison with 19.

Happ on Murphy. Murphy finds Hurt. And Michael Hurt with a career high 13.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's textbook basketball.

ANNOUNCER 1: With the right hand, Ethan Happ couldn't hit it. Tap back out Davison, fresh shot clock for Wisconsin. Go right back in, Ethan Happ. Now Pritzl. Brevin Pritzl buries a three.

Murphy wide open. If you're Wisconsin, you let him take it all night long. 3% in this second half. Wisconsin is just 32%. Pritzl, open look, got it. Looking for some offense after Wisconsin upset Purdue the last time they were on this floor. Inside Iverson, beautiful feed from Happ.

ANNOUNCER 2: Got your schemes that you draw up. But you've got to be ready to make reads and make plays. It goes to Happ.

ANNOUNCER 1: They'll go right into him. Tie game, five seconds to go. Six points for Happ. And a timeout called by Richard Pitino, and he is fired up. See if they try and go at Mason. Here's Pritzl. Wisconsin's got the lead again.

ANNOUNCER 2: Murphy drives to difficult areas under the basket. Looking up at the wiring of the shot clock. But then maneuvers with a pivot to find a way to get a shot inside.

ANNOUNCER 1: Perfect feed from Davison to Happ on the touch. Nine to shoot, Happ backing down Murphy, trying to find the open man. Pritzl again. Buries another. Pritzl with 20. He has averaged 12 points a game since that contest. Here is again.

ANNOUNCER 2: They run that same look. That's a dunk down for the easy deuce. That's two man basketball, Jeff.

ANNOUNCER 1: With six minutes left in the second half, the Badgers went on a 22 to 5 run, including overtime. And they're going to pull away with a 10 point win in overtime. And they will get a bye in the first round of the Big 10 championship.