Young struggles as No. 8 Kansas crushes Oklahoma 104-74

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Trae Young went 3 of 13 from the field for only 11 points as Oklahoma gets blown out by Kansas 104-74

- They have a lot of quickness right now, Kansas.

- Errant pass. Mykhailiuk's got it. Gives it up. The lob. Lightfoot gets to hang from the rim!

- Great play. Very unselfish. [INAUDIBLE] gives it up with the [INAUDIBLE]. Wow.

I feel bad that Bob Huggis is not in the finals.

- Lob, and [INAUDIBLE] is able to at least touch it to the goal, and it falls through.

Shot clock down to five. Newman for three. Mykhailiuk with a back tap. Here comes Young. Long bounce pass to James.

- What a great look. He knew where that guy was. Trae Young, to McNeace.

- What a pass. Great vision. See, I would take Trae Young off before I'd take [INAUDIBLE]. I would put someone else on him.

- Trae Young, backdoor to McGusty.

- There aren't many NBA players going to make that pass. Left hand, drops the bounce pass. LeBron James just showed up at his house. Have him bring Mason. Play with me here.

- And it could've been even better, with Young and Graham this year. They would have been Steph Curry and Clay Thompson.

There's De Sousa, in the post. Up and under, with the left hand.

- De Sousa, he's got [INAUDIBLE]. He got [INAUDIBLE] in foul trouble.

He would be great in the Big Apple!

- De Sousa!


- [INAUDIBLE], a new big man on campus!

- Graham, NBA range. Got another!

- He's feeling it. He's feeling it. They've been here in the last five, ten--

- [INAUDIBLE] gets to hang from the rim again!