Cooper Manning sits down with Creighton coach Greg McDermott

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Cooper Manning joins Coach McDermott ahead of Creighton's match up with Marquette.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - All righty, the fastest minute in sports moves on. Greg McDermott, coach at Creighton. Coach, this Creighton shirt-- it looks good on me.

- It looks a lot better than the Xavier shirt you had on a few minutes ago. You look much better in blue.

- Moving on. Coach, I understand you were a good player in high school. I was doing some research-- you were fourth team all state at Cascade. How many teams did they give all-- what does that mean?

- There must have been some NBA players on those first three teams. That's the only way I can explain it.

- I can't figure that out.

- I'd like to be able to name it, but I can't.

- I was 7th team all state, and that guy was eighth-- couldn't even dribble. So things have changed a little bit. You have a daughter-- I know we both have daughters that play volleyball. Are you are you a yeller at those volleyball games?

- I'm pretty chill.

- Really?

- I am, I am. I just sit there and do my job and be a dad.

- I go bananas. I yell at the refs. I yell at the other team, the other team's parents--

- I've got plenty of other parents sitting around me, my wife included, who handles that. So I'm kind of the peacemaker.

- That's very mature of you. I didn't see that coming in.

- Not a lot of maturity in a lot of parts of my life, but that one I'm pretty good.

- What about-- Coach, are you are you a cook? Are you a food guy? Can you get the kitchen and mix it up?

- I'm an eat guy.

- Really?

- Yeah.

- If you had to enter a competitive eating contest, what food do you think you could take-- I mean, you watch these guys eat the hot dogs--

- I'm a farm boy from Iowa, so you throw a steak in front of me, it's in trouble.

- The knife and fork are in the way?

- It's absolutely.

- I'm betting on that. I'm betting on you. Down goes cow.

- Down goes cow.

- I appreciate you coming by.

- Great to see you.

- Have a great year.

- Thank you.