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FS1 takes an inside look at Big East basketball


- Got to be able to mix it up and communicate defensively.

ANNOUNCER: Hold on to your hat.

- Until they figure something out, just ball screen and flatten it out.

ANNOUNCER: Foster knows how to deliver the goods.

- Post it up. If you don't have anything, step out. Don't let the ball down.

ANNOUNCER: Derrickson's three is good.

- Let's make some gritty plays down there, and you have got to make some big plays down here on offense.

ANNOUNCER: Classic Butler offense to perfection.

- When you double team, wall the guy up.

ANNOUNCER: That shot is blocked by [INAUDIBLE]. Over to Carrington.

- Let's make sure we stick together. Do what we have to do to finish out.

ANNOUNCER: To the hole.


- Make quality decisions, because now you are going to ask you to make plays in the open court.

ANNOUNCER: Is it a Big Mac? Look at this-- and a flush.

- We got to make sure that, on defensive end, we don't give them easy stuff. Bring back and match up.

ANNOUNCER: [INAUDIBLE] with the steal and the slam.