Grayson Allen leads No. 12 Duke past No. 11 Clemson

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Grayson Allen leads No. 12 Duke past No. 11 Clemson. The Duke senior dropped a game-high 19-points. The Blue Devils defeated the Tigers 66-57.. Duke improves to 22-5 on the season.

- We're off and running here in the first eight minutes, aren't we? Here's White from the wing, and the dunk for Jack White! Just the second turnover for the Tigers, and Aamir Simms the dunk, and the foul on DeLaurier! Nice pass by Eli Thomas!

- Trent has come off the floor. Duval and Allen out there. Grayson shoots for the lead and it goes. What a half!

- He's getting to the free throw line and setting up his three point shot.

- He's got 15 of Duke's 26. Blue Devils are back in front and here's a steal, and Allen the dunk! And a timeout taken by Clemson.

- Reed and Skara. And here's Thomas in the middle, trying to get to the basket, feeds Skara for the dunk.

- Mitchell really is the floor general out there, gets everything organized--

- Duval the steal, and he will slam it home!

- Boy, how many live-ball turnovers has Clemson had?

- DeVoe lob, Thomas the catch! A no-look lob by Gabe DeVoe for Elijah Thomas.

- ACC, they kept it empty on that play, and it's just the back of the zone falling asleep. A risky pass, but a very good one.

- Catch by Carter and score. Back-to-back field goals for Wendell Carter. Duval toward the baseline, pushes up the little baseline jumper. Nine for Duval. Kick for DeVoe. Got it!

- And that may be it.

- 15 to shoot. Skara at the foul line, shot fake on Carter.

- Game time.


- Five to shoot. Carter back inside, and one! Wendell Carter Jr!