USC pushes past Oregon State 72-59

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Elijah Stewart's 28 points help USC take care of business against Oregon State.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nice work. Beautiful slip there. And Elijah Stewart, the senior from DeRidder, Louisiana--

ANNOUNCER 2: So their inability to close. Coffee is for closers, and as of now, Oregon State does not deserve any Dutch Bros.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nice alley-oop. Beautifully done.

ANNOUNCER 2: USC has guys that can score. A senior point guard that you cannot press, you cannot pressure. And they have rim protection. They're a dangerous team in March if they can make that field of 68.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nice recovery there by Usher. Well, going into the--

Most of what I've seen on the 405 this week are bumpers. Just thought--

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, when you get-- well, you went to Manhattan Beach last night.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yes, I did.

ANNOUNCER 2: Just past the Manhattan Beach exit if you're headed south--

ANNOUNCER 1: Whoa, how about that?

ANNOUNCER 2: As Chimezie Metu.

ANNOUNCER 1: How about that? Well, once again, they do this at the end of games like the other night against Oregon. And here--

ANNOUNCER 2: It's an incredible weapon.

ANNOUNCER 1: It's amazing.

ANNOUNCER 2: Why fool around with shooting the basketball? Put in Jordan McLaughlin, your best passer. Throw it right next to the rim, and have a freak athlete.

ANNOUNCER 1: And he's going to get fouled. Look, he's going to get the ball near the rim.


ANNOUNCER 1: How about that? Wow! Rakocevic with a beautiful move inside, finding his man.

ANNOUNCER 2: Stewart's such an athlete-- I think he might have changed that shot.

ANNOUNCER 1: Stewart-- a step-back 3.


ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, just swing it. That's what USC did. Great ball movement.

ANNOUNCER 2: We trudged over from the Staples Center. Plus, the Global Games occurring at the Lakers' practice facility.

ANNOUNCER 1: Another alley-oop, this one to Tinkle.

ANNOUNCER 2: Have we tracked how many alley-oops there have been? They-- I mean--


ANNOUNCER 2: --might be left out, even though, truth be told, there they're a bucket here, a bucket there away from getting in.


ANNOUNCER 2: And yeah, Utah-- a lot of this though is the schedule is not even, and it's really hard sometimes to determine based upon win-loss record.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wow what a return by Hollins there after the rejection.

ANNOUNCER 2: Look, DeAndre Ayton is going to be a top-five, maybe top-two-- oh!

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh! McLaughlin says, me too, Metu. I'll get it to you.